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3 месяца назад

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Mr. Cheese is crowned king of the impostor by the rest of the crew, but his popularity instantly goes away once Qwerty the cute robot appears. Player teams up with Mr. Cheese as impostors to try and secretly destroy all the crewmates, but Qwerty is more clever than he originally seems...

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DeJesus boys
DeJesus boys 4 часа назад
Doctor: A little cute evil robot isn't real. He can't hurt you. Little cute evil evil robot: 11:12
Flameboy 19 часов назад
Poor Player. He just wants a win...
Lucas Lei
Lucas Lei День назад
Jezz louise
Vernie Live
Vernie Live 2 дня назад
Cute not that cute but cut e aww
David GarciaPortillo
David GarciaPortillo 3 дня назад
Franklin be looking a little jealous
Josiah Rhodius
Josiah Rhodius 3 дня назад
I just want player to winnnnnnn🤬🤬🤬
CREEPER GUY 4 дня назад
Damn robot.
Fubby Juice
Fubby Juice 4 дня назад
The stupid tiny robot cheated
Chol Makuol
Chol Makuol 4 дня назад
Quarter so cute
Larry Quick
Larry Quick 4 дня назад
Man. Honsly is awesome.
Amy Machin
Amy Machin 4 дня назад
5:28 timmy does not look happy
Aswin's Space
Aswin's Space 4 дня назад
gametoons please let player win just one game
SirMikay 5 дней назад
0:11 Player: Stoner... help... me-- Mr. Cheese: I'ma stop you right there *shoots Player in the head*
Sofiat Akorede
Sofiat Akorede 5 дней назад
noob 5 дней назад
mohamed zayan
mohamed zayan 5 дней назад
Stoner's identity crisis after realising there's more games beyond Among Us is absolutely beautiful. XD
tloui7 7 дней назад
Ok when Mr. Egg was TheGentleman’s partner, Mr. Cheese went to get him back. If TheGentleman ever gets upset with him, he’s all sad. I am way too invested in their relationship 🥲
Gabriela Lara
Gabriela Lara 7 дней назад
👍😀🤩💯💵 shut up player
Aglaya Guselnikova
Aglaya Guselnikova 7 дней назад
i hate that robot can player just win🤬🤬
Sapphira Zheng
Sapphira Zheng 9 дней назад
I watch this before
Hồng Thúy Lể. là một
Hồng Thúy Lể. là một 10 дней назад
Omg robot is lmpostor not player
viraj tiwari
viraj tiwari 10 дней назад
Woooow the robot is soooooooooooooo so mr cheese isn’t the king anymore that not cool !!!!!
Winny fredo Delos reyes
Winny fredo Delos reyes 11 дней назад
Dude what the,oh your giving to a cheese king ya he earned it
An actual Egg
An actual Egg 12 дней назад
An actual Egg
An actual Egg 12 дней назад
Stevie Skaggs
Stevie Skaggs 12 дней назад
I do actually hated the end cuz of the little robot KILLED PLAYER AND I HATED IT
Moua Yang
Moua Yang 12 дней назад
I want player to win some times
Lasgana boi Brah
Lasgana boi Brah 12 дней назад
7:00 it sounds like player is trying to imitate Mr Cheese's voice
Alex ojo Navarro
Alex ojo Navarro 13 дней назад
Now qwerty is on cheater's lobby
HappyYT 13 дней назад
HappyYT 13 дней назад
Preetkamal Kaur
Preetkamal Kaur 13 дней назад
I’ve drawn the vid when it was 52 secs
Logan Velez
Logan Velez 14 дней назад
can you probably do a video where player wins a game in among us for once.
Harrie Loyola
Harrie Loyola 14 дней назад
3:11 MY LEG!
Quinton Tan
Quinton Tan 15 дней назад
Lucas Hernandez Robles
Lucas Hernandez Robles 15 дней назад
Nacho acevedo
Nacho acevedo 16 дней назад
Neigp65pro 16 дней назад
Mr cheese is stupid
i shut up to gentelman and mr.chease give little robot a chance very cute also mr.chease great imoster so? you gunna kick out mr.chease?
Firenzar Frenzy
Firenzar Frenzy 16 дней назад
"You know, I should be enraged that you would even suggest such an outrageous opinion. But I agree with you!" Best quote of the video
Ender-slasher 17 дней назад
Was that a pal refrence
EH&Family Gaming
EH&Family Gaming 17 дней назад
Who are you going to believe? You’re good friend mister cheese or this frickin toaster with wheels !? ME 2 seconds later : the frickin toaster with wheels
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 17 дней назад
Ok. That was NOT fair. Player almost won! XD
Jaxcraft 28
Jaxcraft 28 17 дней назад
I knew that robot was up to no good. I was wondering why Qwerty knew everything that happened. 11:22: Wow! A "Space Odyssey 2001" reference? XD
Joanna Grochowska
Joanna Grochowska 18 дней назад
Stoner became self aware...
Nate and bonnieYT
Nate and bonnieYT 18 дней назад
I honestly hate quorty
The Yeeter
The Yeeter 18 дней назад
AMOGUS MOSGUSUS SSUUSSU😳😳😳😳😳😳😔😁😳😁😳😁😳😁😳😁😳😁😳😁😳😁😱😘😱😭😱😱😭😱🎦⚠🔄🅱🔄🅱🔄🔄🅱🅱🉑🈷
Rasheed Ahmed
Rasheed Ahmed 18 дней назад
o come on let player win atleast one time. plese
Epic 19 дней назад
0:12 rip player
Rachel Woodcock
Rachel Woodcock 19 дней назад
Shut up mr cheese Mr cheese:remembers episode one, ''Not again'' ;-;
Madeline Sison
Madeline Sison 19 дней назад
Mr. cheese
Someradompikachu 19 дней назад
The end is a twist
SpectralGamer345 19 дней назад
That’s dark
Rosmah Ahad
Rosmah Ahad 20 дней назад
Stupid mr. Cheese
Nolan Shaw
Nolan Shaw 20 дней назад
just let player win :(
Cooper Kennnedy
Cooper Kennnedy 20 дней назад
Player would have won if the robot didn’t send him off to space
Cadenator MooMoo
Cadenator MooMoo 21 день назад
Angry mad 😠😠😠😠😠😠👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
Asteroid 21 день назад
Stoner flossing tho Its so op! SO op
malcolm bringuez
malcolm bringuez 21 день назад
I hate this robot
malcolm bringuez
malcolm bringuez 21 день назад
Capitain is so dum 10:17
Kings Hobby-Tube
Kings Hobby-Tube 22 дня назад
Rip player
Garcia Camargo
Garcia Camargo 22 дня назад
Hello game toons I really like your animation and I like the dubbing of Spanish game toons because it translates your animation and helps me to see your videos more comfortably because I am Mexican and I speak Spanish.
C Hays
C Hays 22 дня назад
Justin J gaming
Justin J gaming 22 дня назад
0:23 lol
Richard Renz Ortega
Richard Renz Ortega 22 дня назад
Is blue irish?
Seth wilk933
Seth wilk933 23 дня назад
Let player win
Chilenye Nwapi
Chilenye Nwapi 23 дня назад
I hate this dumb robot
Giovanni Roman
Giovanni Roman 23 дня назад
Holy mother of-
nipulatek 787
nipulatek 787 23 дня назад
i cant wath among us logic anymore im sad because player always lose i want to player win just one time
Marlen Vide
Marlen Vide 24 дня назад
Jim Jackson
Jim Jackson 24 дня назад
The vigorous limit beautifully wonder because catamaran multivariately queue under a tangy undershirt. white, racial stepson
YT•unicorndove3609• Jessica
YT•unicorndove3609• Jessica 24 дня назад
Mr cheese: nobody’s cared about you Me: but I do >:(
SirMikay 24 дня назад
Stoner: This isn't real! None of this is real! Mr Cheese: Oh, it's pretty real.
حمود الاسطورة Hamod ALOSTORH
حمود الاسطورة Hamod ALOSTORH 24 дня назад
Pls do part2
ATHARV PURI 25 дней назад
Sad player
loga1950 loga1950
loga1950 loga1950 25 дней назад
so cute 2:53
Mung Hanghal
Mung Hanghal 25 дней назад
I hate this server >:(
Meagen Nicole
Meagen Nicole 26 дней назад
Its time to go full Karen on inner sloth thanks for the advice player
Foxtube 27 дней назад
5:35 The Henry Stickmin Distraction Dance but 10 times better
Robloxian Transportations
Robloxian Transportations 18 дней назад
AwsumMax96 27 дней назад
Ah cmon, i wanna see player win..
lorio1008 27 дней назад
2 milon LOL
JackalopesAlley 28 дней назад
Just let player win for once!!!
Antonia Rodgers
Antonia Rodgers 28 дней назад
Can u make a part 2
AMAIRA DESAI 28 дней назад
Vijayalakshmi. Viji.
Vijayalakshmi. Viji. 29 дней назад
Episode 19
Julian Cardoza
Julian Cardoza 29 дней назад
R.I.P player😭
Julian Cardoza
Julian Cardoza 29 дней назад
It would've been better if player did the distraction dance from Henry stickman
Carlos A. MattGamer
Carlos A. MattGamer 29 дней назад
11:51 wait- THAT'S ILLEGAL!
bikashaw 29 дней назад
How do you make it
Jd Hank
Jd Hank 29 дней назад
the real king of imposters is ion
Hazel ann Redondo
Hazel ann Redondo 29 дней назад
Welp that tiny robot is satan
Hazel ann Redondo
Hazel ann Redondo 29 дней назад
Stoner is a fif
Adithya Claudius
Adithya Claudius Месяц назад
Playar. no
Shawn The wolf Lynx
Shawn The wolf Lynx Месяц назад
Shawn The wolf Lynx
Shawn The wolf Lynx Месяц назад
Are ya ready kids?
Shawn The wolf Lynx
Shawn The wolf Lynx Месяц назад
The robot so cute ❤
Shawn The wolf Lynx
Shawn The wolf Lynx Месяц назад
Wow the Tumbelnail 🔥🔥🔥 so cool😎
xianjaynorte1023 Месяц назад
i met mother while being butter
Myrna Gray
Myrna Gray Месяц назад
this show is good # shutup mr cheese!
Kayla Munsell
Kayla Munsell Месяц назад
Or Mr t's poor Mr cheese he just wants to be loved again he just want someone to pay attention to him
yamihere Месяц назад
Player has won the game before they cheated*
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