Game Theory: FNAF, Return To The Pit (3 New FNAF Theories)

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The Game Theorists

The Game Theorists

2 дня назад

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Welcome back to MatPat has too many FNAF theories, that he needs to put multiple in an episode! Today we are going to cover 3 more short Five Nights At Freddy's theories, focusing mainly on the new books. From more information on the ever important Cassidy, to William Afton's time travel shenanigans, there is a LOT to cover! Let's dive into this time traveling ball pit, shall we?

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0:00 - Theory #1
7:40 - Theory #2
12:53 - Theory #3

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

asa6am 3 часа назад
If matpat keeps making fnaf theories for another three years and a half there will be officially 10 years worth of fnaf game theories
Evan Tran99
Evan Tran99 3 часа назад
so many weird time machines
Doyle Orr
Doyle Orr 3 часа назад
There is a strange pattern. I can’t explain it too well, but we learn the truth for each game in their own respective order, like fnaf 1, 2, 3, and most likely 4 soon.
Hi_Im_A_Weeb YT
Hi_Im_A_Weeb YT 3 часа назад
What if Scott never made a story line for FNAF and mat pat is just making it for him so Scott adds little things so mat pat still makes theory’s and it’s more content for a both of them. And if this is true does that mean MatPat is the creator of the fnaf story line and he wasted almost 8 years of his life making content about a child murder that killed 20+ kids (too many to count) in a Chuck E Cheese style restaurant game that he doesn’t even own? ................. BUT HEY THATS JUST A THEORY A RANDOM THOUGHT IN MY HEAD WHICH IS NOT LIKELY TO BE TRUE LIKE MAT PATS DREAM THEORY FROM FNAF 4 THEORY THANKS FOR READING.
Buddy Bear
Buddy Bear 3 часа назад
Lol I just finished into the pit like two weeks ago
Nicholas Epsilon
Nicholas Epsilon 3 часа назад
hear me out... We are playing as Larson in all the games.. who is experiencing all of these events in flashbacks after being infected by the virus
Darla Toten
Darla Toten 3 часа назад
Pin this if you know when your last FNAF theory is
FlowerGames 3 часа назад
Harmless Avocado
Harmless Avocado 3 часа назад
elliebehindyourmom 3 часа назад
anyways matpat created fnaf
Reggie Padua
Reggie Padua 3 часа назад
Reggie Padua
Reggie Padua 3 часа назад
The Orbit
The Orbit 3 часа назад
At this point, these FNAF theories deserve their own channel alongside Game Theory, Film Theory, and Food Theory. There are so many FNAF theories!
Julian Carr-de Avelon
Julian Carr-de Avelon 3 часа назад
god fears me
god fears me 3 часа назад
how does it feel owning fnaf now
yuno storme
yuno storme 3 часа назад
The silky leather disappointedly rejoice because platinum mostly level toward a abounding ketchup. agreeable, lowly equinox
Fareel Eswandy
Fareel Eswandy 3 часа назад
Wait so water kills afton
Aloe__Alex 3 часа назад
ooh,,, timing-
xXelementafoXx 3 часа назад
nobody: a single drop of water: im bouta end this mans whole career
GoopyGalaxy 4 часа назад
Really bad timing
Sophia M
Sophia M 4 часа назад
People are saying that mat and Markiplier now run fnaf, what's that about?? Did Scott do something orrr?
Salty Tsunie
Salty Tsunie 3 часа назад
From what I heard Scott was giving money to anti-LGBTQ groups
muffin time
muffin time 4 часа назад
thanks matpat now I can't sleep :/
GaboFromHere LIVE
GaboFromHere LIVE 4 часа назад
That raindrop really **ended him**
Raven Ash
Raven Ash 4 часа назад
Hey so you own five nights at Freddy's now right, please
RipHunter77 4 часа назад
I'm not here for FNAF - but I am here for a proposal. For a game theory. Look into Ark:Survival Evolved dear Matpat, look into its deepest lore chasms as it is ending, and Ark:2 is being born...and then refer to this (Watch the Ark Genesis part 2 ending boss fight end cutscene, Syntacs "ARK Genesis Part 2 Ending! - ARK Survival Evolved DLC" is a good one, you can skip the actual boss-fight if you wish) ...Edmund Rockwell...and everyone else can still be alive. If Santiago (Vin Diesels character in Ark:2, big character in Ark:extinction) was respawned on an Ark, and died - and respawned on the Eden half of the Genesis ring's in orbit around the foreign planet - this means Rockwell (Edmund Rockwell), Helena (HLNA as you know her in Genesis), and the rest of the gang (if you looked deep into the Island ark explorer notes, good job then you know who I mean) can still be alive. Rockwell is the big one though because he is what squandered mankinds greatest vessel, forcing the only ring he didnt corrupt with the evil element to be seperated and the rest of the ship destroyed. (If you looked deep enough, youd understand how Rockwell became well, Rockwell as we see in Genesis 2) Also, the specimen implant in survivors means Santiago was able to remember he was respawned before so he kept his memories from being respawned on the Ark's, and this means so will Helena Walker, Rockwell, and everyone else (Maybe) and if so, Rockwell will have learned his lesson and not be corrupt again, assuming there's no sign of element on the planet the Genesis ship found. In his last words he regret his actions, in taking the ship, in everything - Or if he doesn't remember, and his implant was, well, separated in his "transformation" he may repeat his past actions. You probably wont even see this but if so, its a great theory. And probably no one has ever played ark here, its a very friendly community, unlike arks community, but I really want this theory to see the light of day. Alas this is not the way of the world, and this paragraph has a very high likelihood of being forgotten and neglected, and my brain power I used to come up with this theory, wasted. But if you do then that would be very cool and no one here probably knows what I'm talking about but MatPat has the brain power to figure it out with a whole lotta healthy research, so please, consider looking into this. And im only putting this here cause this is the latest video maybe ill put this on your next vid, who knows...but this is about a GAME, and its a THEORY. So consider.
taeveon jones
taeveon jones 4 часа назад
I love this series
Kris Avery Averoe
Kris Avery Averoe 4 часа назад
uh mat uh did you um did you hear abt scott? 👁👄👁
Master D
Master D 4 часа назад
Mat: We can make another video about FNAF with this new lore Team behind Game Theory: Rolling their eyes questioning their life choices
Draven Wilson
Draven Wilson 4 часа назад
100%. Believe Larson will be afton and that’s how the series will end. Thought this since lucky boy
Also Rube
Also Rube 4 часа назад
I found it. The true villain. Dabbing chica. We can't get rid of her.
SsSploogeJ2 4 часа назад
Hey new theory the Freddy’s Pizzeria secret menu item deez
Michael Solarek
Michael Solarek 4 часа назад
That second story with asking balloon boy advice sounds like a retelling of a Twilight Zone episode where a couple keep asking a fortune teller at the diner they are at for advice.
Dino Gamer
Dino Gamer 4 часа назад
Theory idea:is there a bad side of roblox?
Rachel T
Rachel T 4 часа назад
We did it guys. It took 7 years but we finally broke him. Matpat finally snapped and ended his fnaf theories. Today is a good day.
Just G
Just G 4 часа назад
Y'all have been doing these theories since I was 15 years old, when are y'all gonna stop xD
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine
Ghost Girl / EdifiedErmine 4 часа назад
A new fnaf theory always makes my day
memer screamer
memer screamer 4 часа назад
Scott messed up y’all and he need to pay back .
DexterF 3 часа назад
He didn't mess up, sharing his opinion isn't a bad thing
Ethan got gaming
Ethan got gaming 4 часа назад
Chien Wen Ooi
Chien Wen Ooi 4 часа назад
Game theory idea, what kind of bones would it take to make the hero’s relics from fire emblem 3 houses?
Gabrielle Reggio
Gabrielle Reggio 4 часа назад
I want a happy ending. Matt say more about happy endings so Scott does that one. 😭😂
Troy Price
Troy Price 4 часа назад
Intro was so funny😂
Qq Qqq
Qq Qqq 4 часа назад
That timeline is going to hit really bad now
StrastTheFox 4 часа назад
Ah MatPat, the story writer of FNAF. along with Markiplier, who’s the main dev, and Jacksepticeye who wrote the books.
Maize Pendragon
Maize Pendragon 4 часа назад
I love watching MatPat's theories on FNAF and all, but it really sucks to have Scopophobia and deal with all the images of eyes staring through the screen at you. Aaaaa
remember twice
remember twice 4 часа назад
Spring Bunny
Spring Bunny 4 часа назад
Red Tiger Rt
Red Tiger Rt 4 часа назад
Hey guys could you please help me get matpat to find out which country would have the best odds of surviving the apocalypse
Tygrrs 4 часа назад
Bad timing
Buff Mangle
Buff Mangle 4 часа назад
Regarding that last time loop theory, you should look into Novikov's Autoconsistency Principle, its the exact thing you described (i dont know if thats the exact name because im doing a mental translation from spanish to english 😃👍)
That kid with an El Camino
That kid with an El Camino 4 часа назад
Ahemm sir what was that movie/clip from when the whole lottery thing happend
MrBlackBird69 4 часа назад
Wr need to summon the black templar
chris thomas
chris thomas 4 часа назад
The fifth location dummy
chris thomas
chris thomas 4 часа назад
It's your house matpat
RAT 4 часа назад
Maybe they spelled Adkin wrong twice to show that’s not actually his name
SumoNinja92 4 часа назад
"Time travel loops are real hot right now" shows Looper, an almost 10 year old film...
Honey Bee
Honey Bee 4 часа назад
Wait.. The book number 3 has lore. It helps you with some of the missing pieces.
Ghosty Boi
Ghosty Boi 4 часа назад
0:02 Willam: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO- the child: sir you dropped your wallet- Willam: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HEEEELPPPPPPPPPP child: >.>
Who cares
Who cares 4 часа назад
3rd theory seems a lot like the plot from "Earased" (Anime on netflix about a guy going to the past to prevent a series of murders and kidnaping)
Hailey Reome
Hailey Reome 4 часа назад
oh god mark even has mat promoting distractibles
Nexus 4 часа назад
Welp this probably is the last theory I think
Hayden Fry
Hayden Fry 4 часа назад
The new game isn’t even out yet he’s definitely gonna make another theory explaining that plus the other books that wrap up the book series. I expect many more theories to come
thanos 4 часа назад
at this point you are the owner of fnaf
Phrog Pog
Phrog Pog 4 часа назад
"I always come back" could also be a reference to the time loop
Darkos Beast63
Darkos Beast63 5 часов назад
"I'm about to end this man's whole career"
Tenino Foxxe
Tenino Foxxe 5 часов назад
This was the most wackarse theory I have ever heard from you Matt. I loved it.
mister clever
mister clever 5 часов назад
does anybody else need a summary episode explaining everything
Plush Brothers 88
Plush Brothers 88 5 часов назад
14:08 Who else caught that Community reference? Not only with "The Darkest Timline" but also with the goatie both Evil Abed and Scott rock
Plush Brothers 88
Plush Brothers 88 5 часов назад
14:08 Who else caught that Community reference? Not only with "The Darkest Timline" but also with the goatie both Evil Abed and Scott rock
The Everything Channel
The Everything Channel 5 часов назад
Markiplier theorizing: I always come back!
Plush Brothers 88
Plush Brothers 88 5 часов назад
14:08 Who else caught that Community reference? Not only with "The Darkest Timline" but also with the goatie both Evil Abed and Scott rock
Plush Brothers 88
Plush Brothers 88 5 часов назад
14:08 Who else caught that Community reference? Not only with "The Darkest Timline" but also with the goatie both Evil Abed and Scott rock
Plush Brothers 88
Plush Brothers 88 5 часов назад
14:08 Who else caught that Community reference? Not only with "The Darkest Timline" but also with the goatie both Abed and Scott rock
Munir Abdi
Munir Abdi 5 часов назад
first 10,662 gang lol
The true ceadeus.
The true ceadeus. 5 часов назад
That damn intro I love it
BryTheGuy 5 часов назад
And now, Scott will proceed to rewrite all the new books to ensure all of these are not true
memeboy420 5 часов назад
14:09 I'm so glad I'm watching Community and I get that reference
Daisy Batiansila
Daisy Batiansila 5 часов назад
Idk why but i think gold freddy is rockstar freddy cus rockstarfredy is trying to protect you
SupaSealGaming 5 часов назад
Mabye Cassidy's soul was trapped in the ball pit for a period of time and he didn't actually time travel, he just had a similar experience to the thing that happened to the guy where other's memories were projected?
Carol 5 часов назад
the fact i only know this legendary dude from escape the night is sad. i should have been watching these a very long time ago
Jake McAfee
Jake McAfee 5 часов назад
MatPat is truly the real creator of FNaF now
a professional
a professional 5 часов назад
wait dont you have to die from the animatronic to become residue?
e 5 часов назад
Theory:there is a ball pit in pizzarea simulator and helpy might be someone aswell. Someone now revgedul lioe the others. I think helpy might be someone or something when he misses the ball pit you lose. The kids might have missed the ball pit and has died.
REDIA APK 5 часов назад
OMG!! you realy must watch this
REDIA APK 5 часов назад
OMG!! you realy must watch this
Evan Pitt
Evan Pitt 5 часов назад
wow it's matpat the creator of FNAF, look at that
Evan Pitt
Evan Pitt 4 часа назад
@Scott Cotton nah I don't think I will! thanks for the cool recommendation though :)
Arthur Garcia
Arthur Garcia 5 часов назад
@Scott Cotton Huh, I had know idea there was a Scott Cotton. Cool
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 5 часов назад
Grow up
Rmenn'o'on Mick'kle'len
Rmenn'o'on Mick'kle'len 5 часов назад
I have some thing that may, or may not [redacted] you off. To those in the comment section ,if you don't like this, then you don't have to read it. you need only ignore it. \/ \/ \/ \/ . VVVVV>>> !>This is a memo to christian.
Sure Buddy
Sure Buddy 5 часов назад
Ah yes Larson aka not Cecil steadman
salk79 5 часов назад
william: I always come back! one damn drop of water: I'm about to end this man's whole career
Luke Mest
Luke Mest 5 часов назад
#6 on trending sheeeeeeee
Jordon Searles
Jordon Searles 5 часов назад
Matt no offense but how many times have we heard this is the last game im not saying scott is lieing but maybe just the last of this story line at this point it might be the transfer to the new security breach after what if u were wrong thinking its a hint and things were delayed and really hes hinting to a new start like u also said maybe the last book is the end to afton and the start of a baby villain book thats why its the end hes making the switch to the new villain
Jordon Searles
Jordon Searles 5 часов назад
Aka baby
Alex Mansfield
Alex Mansfield 5 часов назад
Has anyone else considered that the old blood Larson finds in the ball pit could be Williams? I mean look at the cover over the first book clearly thats blood coming out of the eyes of the rabbit suit and it would make sense that its that tone of color because when it comes out of the ball pit that would be the springtrap suit before it rotted but since its in present day it would show that in current time William died in the suit and therefore he would have had vast amounts of damage done to his eye which explains why theres blood on the eyelids of the suit
bendyman09 5 часов назад
David Thebestbeast
David Thebestbeast 5 часов назад
Check on page 83 of the survival logbook it Cassidy says is this song familiar to you
Vex 5 часов назад
Haha jokes on you, I've already listened to them all!
ARNOLD GITONGA 5 часов назад
Origami Ahsoka
Origami Ahsoka 5 часов назад
I’m falling behind on the book seriessss
Elliott 5 часов назад
You gonna do a vid on scout getting canceled 😢 ngl made me sad
Elliott 4 часа назад
@Arthur Garcia true but I don't want scout to get cancelled when there could have been people to help
Arthur Garcia
Arthur Garcia 5 часов назад
I feel like Mat and the Team would want to stay away from that situation. I'm not sure if they'll still make Fnaf videos.
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