Mortal Kombat Movie - Meet the Kast (2021) Lewis Tan, Joe Taslim, Ludi Lin

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Mortal Kombat debuts in theaters and HBO Max on April 23, 2021.

From New Line Cinema comes the explosive new cinematic adventure "Mortal Kombat," inspired by the blockbuster video game franchise, which most recently enjoyed the most successful video game launch in its history, Mortal Kombat 11. The film is helmed by award-winning Australian commercial filmmaker Simon McQuoid, marking his feature directorial debut, and produced by James Wan ("The Conjuring" universe films, "Aquaman,"), Todd Garner ("Into the Storm," "Tag"), McQuoid and E. Bennett Walsh ("Men in Black: International," "The Amazing Spider-Man 2").

In "Mortal Kombat," MMA fighter Cole Young, accustomed to taking a beating for money, is unaware of his heritage-or why Outworld's Emperor Shang Tsung has sent his best warrior, Sub-Zero, an otherworldly Cryomancer, to hunt Cole down. Fearing for his family's safety, Cole goes in search of Sonya Blade at the direction of Jax, a Special Forces Major who bears the same strange dragon marking Cole was born with. Soon, he finds himself at the temple of Lord Raiden, an Elder God and the protector of Earthrealm, who grants sanctuary to those who bear the mark. Here, Cole trains with experienced warriors Liu Kang, Kung Lao and rogue mercenary Kano, as he prepares to stand with Earth's greatest champions against the enemies of Outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe. But will Cole be pushed hard enough to unlock his arcana-the immense power from within his soul-in time to save not only his family, but to stop Outworld once and for all?

The diverse international cast reflects the global nature of the brand, with talent spanning the worlds of film, television and martial arts. The ensemble includes Lewis Tan ("Deadpool 2," Netflix's "Wu Assassins") as Cole Young; Jessica McNamee ("The Meg") as Sonya Blade; Josh Lawson ("Bombshell") as Kano; Tadanobu Asano ("Midway") as Lord Raiden; Mehcad Brooks (TV's "Supergirl") as Jackson "Jax" Bridges; Ludi Lin ("Aquaman") as Liu Kang; with Chin Han ("Skyscraper") as Shang Tsung; Joe Taslim ("Star Trek Beyond") as Bi-Han and Sub-Zero; and Hiroyuki Sanada ("Skyscraper") as Hanzo Hasashi and Scorpion. Also featured are Max Huang as Kung Lao; Sisi Stringer as Mileena; Matilda Kimber as Emily Young; and Laura Brent as Allison Young.

McQuoid directed from a screenplay by Greg Russo and Dave Callaham ("Wonder Woman 1984"), from a story by Oren Uziel ("Mortal Kombat: Rebirth") and Russo, based on the videogame created by Ed Boon and John Tobias. Richard Brener, Dave Neustadter, Victoria Palmeri, Michael Clear, Jeremy Stein and Larry Kasanoff served as executive producers.
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Joshua Haydon
Joshua Haydon 35 минут назад
My man Jaxx!!!
Jacques LaMerde
Jacques LaMerde 10 часов назад
Where's Johny,Kitana,Reptile? Why they didn't appear?
Our Her Family
Our Her Family 11 часов назад
Can't wait to see scorpion kill sub zero
Obanje Spirit
Obanje Spirit 13 часов назад
Welp. They're gonna introduce too many characters. Did anyone not learn from justice league?
AretnaP 3
AretnaP 3 14 часов назад
Mark Rafales
Mark Rafales 18 часов назад
where is noob saibot?
Awesome dude, joe taslim from Indonesia...
Kha Pham
Kha Pham День назад
sanada at 60 years old still being a goddamn badass
Polo Don
Polo Don День назад
Who is the guy with the hammer
Suko Denai
Suko Denai День назад
Gak sabarr tunggu ni film...
wanna_sleep День назад
they are all worse than the characters in the first film
Matuk Sawkmie
Matuk Sawkmie День назад
How about another Dragon Ball Z movie??
Sinan Uluc
Sinan Uluc День назад
Damn, why is this not a ten hour long mini series! :(((
Adrian Stjärnfäldt
Adrian Stjärnfäldt День назад
meet the kast ? isnt it cast`?
Nurik Shurik
Nurik Shurik День назад
Penees Longchamp
Penees Longchamp День назад
Joe Taslim Subzero is a real badass bi han!! Too bad he have to die on the scorpion hand
Hugh Mc
Hugh Mc День назад
This looks bloody brilliant!
Alfredo De Leon, Jr.
Alfredo De Leon, Jr. День назад
Mortal Kombat is meant to be seen in theaters not at home!
DGokil Gaming21
DGokil Gaming21 2 дня назад
Nice.. Amazing, Joe Taslim from Indonesia, so the bi-han / sub-zero characters are spectacular.
Masudi Abuhashim
Masudi Abuhashim 3 дня назад
Kabal and kano in mk 2021... you gonna love them....😂😂😂😂😂
jose 3 дня назад
0:17 something they should do when they write tlou and ghost of Tsushima...
DJCashmoney Slingerz
DJCashmoney Slingerz 3 дня назад
Grimey 4 дня назад
Bi haaaaaaannnnnnnn!
Neam Raven
Neam Raven 4 дня назад
Bland, cold, colorless colors. Like most modern movies out there. Pass.
Owusu Afriyie Dennis
Owusu Afriyie Dennis 4 дня назад
Shao Khans hammer is upgraded.
Ninghor Awungshi
Ninghor Awungshi 4 дня назад
A White man with a name Hong Lau .. Why not
Pandaoniman 21 час назад
He's half Chinese and half German. What's your point?
Екатерина Масленникова
Екатерина Масленникова 4 дня назад
Short test 16
Stephen Lee
Stephen Lee 4 дня назад
As a person who still and had always played mk ..that movie looks like the last 2.... Terrible! Especially the voices smh makes me wanna throw up
джи вилкс
джи вилкс 4 дня назад
Охуитительно! Простыми словами)
Hervian Rahim
Hervian Rahim 5 дней назад
watched the movie 2 days ago and its safe for me to say this movie is super great
Davo J
Davo J 5 дней назад
the movie has the essence of MORTAL KOMBAT, THAT IS IT
Lutfi Iskandar
Lutfi Iskandar 5 дней назад
This is amazing 😁😁
Альбина Шишкина
Альбина Шишкина 5 дней назад
Enthusiastic designer 10
Great Mistakes
Great Mistakes 5 дней назад
This needs to be 3 hours long
Beau Lavin
Beau Lavin 6 дней назад
It's a little weird to see Kano actually defending Earthrealm from I'm kind of thinking it'll betray them
123_Lem0nZ 6 дней назад
I'd be very upset if they don't play the mortal kombat theme from the original movies somewhere in this film.
Lay Van Deeg
Lay Van Deeg 6 дней назад
This should be a series and not just one movie. The story is deep.
Lay Van Deeg
Lay Van Deeg 6 дней назад
1:04 awesome
Lay Van Deeg
Lay Van Deeg 6 дней назад
Movie was nice but too short. The sequel will be much better.
RyeSeaBre 6 дней назад
Are there any dlc characters for fun
hoàng hương
hoàng hương 6 дней назад
Dproject 6 дней назад
scorpion is the awesome ninja'
Diki Ramadan
Diki Ramadan 6 дней назад
Where Johny cage
Victor Hernandez
Victor Hernandez 6 дней назад
Johnny cage🥲🥲🥲
Eternal 6 дней назад
Woo woo im hyped
javier ferrandis
javier ferrandis 7 дней назад
Ojalá no decepcione
Touchainz 7 дней назад
Where are kitana's fans? Pun intended
Cungkring Kicau
Cungkring Kicau 7 дней назад
Don't forget: Fatalities Brutality And your stick game console are Broken.... 😁😁😁😄😅
jack ashworth
jack ashworth 8 дней назад
looks terrible init. Unfortunately
jack ashworth
jack ashworth 8 дней назад
where the thuck is Cage man? what the actual thuk
Siddhant Mayekar
Siddhant Mayekar 8 дней назад
looks like a parody movie cast except sonya, subzero and jax.
Lex Luther
Lex Luther 8 дней назад
now when you do fatalites. must do the one liners
Black dym89
Black dym89 8 дней назад
I’m so upset y’all moved this movie back to the 23rd. Out of all the things that’s going on we need a break and this movie was my break for the 16th. Just a mess.
Black dym89
Black dym89 6 дней назад
Your kidding me? Your so lucky
Ferdy Setiawan
Ferdy Setiawan 6 дней назад
In my country 14 april
Ricardo Seligmann
Ricardo Seligmann 8 дней назад
This whole video is about trashing the older films! lol
God of Fan
God of Fan 8 дней назад
0:50 joe taslim
ckookiemonster 8 дней назад
please do well
C P 9 дней назад
I've been waiting forever for a mk movie remake
keepITsimple 9 дней назад
The cast is a perfect fit for the characters especially hiroyuki sanada as scorpion.
Erick Zar
Erick Zar 9 дней назад
Kung Lao el nuevo Jet Li
Dharmaditya Gohil
Dharmaditya Gohil 9 дней назад
1:17 we know that probably better than the actors themselves
Josh Ramsay
Josh Ramsay 9 дней назад
Hiroyuki Sanada my maaaaan
Eman Eman
Eman Eman 9 дней назад
dont u love when urich'
ArmouredViper 9 дней назад
perhaps next time someone does a game to fllm adaptation, they actually read the lore......jax never had his arms frozen by sub zero.....just sayin......and who in the blue blazes is 'cole'?
Papolo0 9 дней назад
ou yeah two Sub zeros !! :D Bi-han here and his brother :D so maybe we will get Noob :D
Andrew Penny
Andrew Penny 10 дней назад
So how do we know its sub zero and not quan chi would ripped jax arms off.
Adri C
Adri C 10 дней назад
I’m hoping that this movie does really well
SrirachaCola 10 дней назад
“See everybody’s favorite characters,” who the hell is Cole Young..?
That one duck named Joel
That one duck named Joel 9 дней назад
possibly fodder
Trayo Ibry
Trayo Ibry 10 дней назад
looks horrible...change the name please into generic scifi fantasy martial arts movie 😭
eye twitch
eye twitch 10 дней назад
hope mileena gets hella screen time 😫😫
Oh please Beleive me
Oh please Beleive me 10 дней назад
Seeing the actress portraying Mileena I’m guessing is she also going to play kitana or they are going to bring a blonde on the next movie ?
Miggy sergi
Miggy sergi 10 дней назад
this movie needed that marvel buget it would be so much better what we see once we can,t unsee
otxangelツ 10 дней назад
Ayo where ma boy ermac at tho that guy was my favorite
John carlo Parado
John carlo Parado 10 дней назад
CANT WAIT!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Futzy 10 дней назад
0:23 They really added Fulgore to this movie
doritosveil 10 дней назад
Why does he say getoverhere and not Get OVER here ???
Zidane Orang Indonesia
Zidane Orang Indonesia 10 дней назад
She kinda bad tho, is that frost
Munk81 10 дней назад
Where is Art Lean and Nimbus Terrafaux ?? LOL
GFLUXVI 10 дней назад
Im ready! im ready!
anthony 11 дней назад
Everything in the movie is amazing except the the famous line “GET OVER HERE”
cat man do
cat man do 10 дней назад
And the fact they cancelled Johnny Cage for being the franchise's only white male lead
Rob Scha Nay Nay
Rob Scha Nay Nay 11 дней назад
Get over here was weak
Starlin Germosen
Starlin Germosen 11 дней назад
Subzero look legit...Kung Lao also
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus
Marcus-Aerilius Maximus 11 дней назад
Lets make this movie reach the billion dollar black panther and star wars
ProjectZero 11 дней назад
my one complaint is that BETTER not be reptile
Kashikija Tshimanga
Kashikija Tshimanga 10 дней назад
It is...watched it this weekend man and uh...yea...
EMPMagde 11 дней назад
Very cool trailer but we missing two people if mileena is in here where's Kitana and Johnny Cage
blockbuster1982 11 дней назад
Not Johnny not watching
STOP 11 дней назад
Respect the fans? Im a 28 years old fan. Where is johnny?
Muhammad Bernard
Muhammad Bernard 11 дней назад
Joe Taslim 🇮🇩
Tanta Lus
Tanta Lus 11 дней назад
Hyped As F
Karthik Shettyan
Karthik Shettyan 11 дней назад
Looks so HD ......
haran sugahfoot sanders
haran sugahfoot sanders 11 дней назад
Kabal better throw hands this movie.
Sidney Hinds
Sidney Hinds 11 дней назад
Sub-Zero should have his own movie.
Lost Omikron
Lost Omikron 11 дней назад
Please invite Christopher Lambert, Robin Shou, Linden Ashby, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Bridgette Wilson, Talisa Soto to play the Elder Gods in the sequel. This scene would be legendary! ))))
Max Gretsov
Max Gretsov 11 дней назад
Интерестно Шао Кана нету ни в одном кадре в трейлерах к этому фильму
dadirtyone 1
dadirtyone 1 11 дней назад
Y does Scorpion look and Sound Asian? ???
Idris Azim
Idris Azim 11 дней назад
cuz he is Asian
Cody Ridsdale
Cody Ridsdale 11 дней назад
"Except for Johnny Cage because he's white."
WR Daily
WR Daily 11 дней назад
Indonesian martial arts 'joe taslim' 🇮🇩
zz kaitp0
zz kaitp0 11 дней назад
Kung lao will die by Shang tsung
S. Emme
S. Emme 12 дней назад
Is Kitana in this?
Elfangel85 11 дней назад
Nope, only Mileena.
Congslop's Diner
Congslop's Diner 12 дней назад
If they respected the material why did they change the main character to someone who never was in any of the games
Angel ofIron
Angel ofIron 12 дней назад
Does anyone think Quan Chi will be in this?
Elfangel85 11 дней назад
He's not part of this movie.
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