Sad Among Us Animation

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3 месяца назад

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Usagi Tsukino
Usagi Tsukino Час назад
Lemon so cutee
Martin Gregor
Martin Gregor Час назад
Lol. Lemon. Kik. His daddy
IzzyMakayla AilyaAndEden
IzzyMakayla AilyaAndEden 3 часа назад
I cryed of this video
AdenYT 5 часов назад
I cried because banana dead
It's_yo _gurl_Alice
It's_yo _gurl_Alice 7 часов назад
Who is lemons mom ;-;
akarla drew
akarla drew 10 часов назад
Did lemon eat lemon cookies
Texas-wayz13 10 часов назад
Closestparty294 11 часов назад
if among us was anime
sumbula86 12 часов назад
I feel bad for lemon because his dad was dead a that make me sad because your mom was the imposter and then lemon got the kinfi out of your mom hand and then they survived and then he found his dad
Cookie Fans
Cookie Fans 12 часов назад
A Swcf
Amongus Boy
Amongus Boy 13 часов назад
the most dramatic video doesnt exi-
ector Garcia
ector Garcia 14 часов назад
Lemon is so cute I adore him
Rockwell Warren
Rockwell Warren 14 часов назад
lemon is 4
Suzanne 14 часов назад
11:11 (:
cabintheater 15 часов назад
I have !
Sheila Williams
Sheila Williams 15 часов назад
That's sad
Seth wilk933
Seth wilk933 15 часов назад
There is no lemon hat
Natoya Spencer
Natoya Spencer 16 часов назад
Oh so cute
Abdulah_omar346 19 часов назад
This is very sad😭😭😭😭
Archer Findlay
Archer Findlay 19 часов назад
that was not sad not even on bit i like the fact they met again but it was a bit sad when pink killed his father i mean who kills parents thats not right
Fabeha abid
Fabeha abid 20 часов назад
Lemon is cute
Gabriel Sawicki
Gabriel Sawicki 21 час назад
ok green got impostor
Gabriel Sawicki
Gabriel Sawicki 21 час назад
Michelle Q
Michelle Q 21 час назад
i ᒪoᐯe ᕼoᗯ ᕼe ᑭiᑕkeᗪ ᗷᗩᑎᗩᑎᗩ
Michelle Q
Michelle Q 21 час назад
ι αм иσт вєιвg ѕαя¢αѕтι¢
Tristan Wade Quiballo
Tristan Wade Quiballo 22 часа назад
Shehnaz Willebrand
Shehnaz Willebrand День назад
Lemon and banana
Dexter Williams
Dexter Williams День назад
Jeff was a real jerk in this one.
Uvaldo Espericueta
Uvaldo Espericueta День назад
Trice Taylor
Trice Taylor День назад
Freeland Huber
Freeland Huber День назад
Letlotlo Tsotetsi
Letlotlo Tsotetsi День назад
Lemon's a lucky kid
rafat shaikh
rafat shaikh День назад
rafat shaikh
rafat shaikh День назад
awwwwwwww sweet
Rockwell Warren
Rockwell Warren День назад
Pink Sus...
Rockwell Warren
Rockwell Warren День назад
Lemon:No! Mom:It Is Okay Lemon
Chioma Nwagwu
Chioma Nwagwu День назад
11:33 I couldn't stop myself from crying
Chioma Nwagwu
Chioma Nwagwu День назад
Most emotional story I've ever saw😭😭😭😭
v i
v i День назад
SOU SAD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Victor Veber
Victor Veber День назад
poor lemon
Natasa Avriceho
Natasa Avriceho День назад
Lemon is just super cute
Nouf Alhammadi
Nouf Alhammadi День назад
Bruh 😂😂😂
Gloria Cortes
Gloria Cortes 2 дня назад
Happy ending
Sofia Kemi
Sofia Kemi 2 дня назад
ItzJustAnimals 2 дня назад
Mrs Potato just like "What on earth is going on O_o"
Samuel Munin
Samuel Munin 2 дня назад
Can you do another video with lemon
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy 2 дня назад
Your sounds good in among us but I I think he needs like you know medicine for his voice is it trying to get to my nerves and put me so just give her medicine and explain okay bring them to the ocean
Sunny Cui
Sunny Cui 2 дня назад
I don't know how lemon got turned into super buff that quickly.
clark mateo  firmalo
clark mateo firmalo 2 дня назад
Now sure now of time
Ann Marie Salmorin - Cañas
Ann Marie Salmorin - Cañas 2 дня назад
Wait where's violet
Scott Goldman
Scott Goldman 2 дня назад
But I subscribe banana!
Leonardo Somma
Leonardo Somma 2 дня назад
Your mom is pretty heartless
tc M
tc M 2 дня назад
l lugeykzwtahvcmx' needused
lucky adi
lucky adi 2 дня назад
458 is not a good idea
Mini Red
Mini Red 3 дня назад
0:44 Smash that banana
Anuradha Chaudhuri
Anuradha Chaudhuri 3 дня назад
Awwwww what a cute story it was
Elaina Campbell
Elaina Campbell 3 дня назад
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 don’t listen too pink😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Elaina Campbell
Elaina Campbell 3 дня назад
😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 imposter pink get away from lemon😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Rosiel Aiza Medina
Rosiel Aiza Medina 3 дня назад
I love lemon kid lol
Mayra Serrano
Mayra Serrano 3 дня назад
I like your fun movie I was watching every time and every day 2 months a week 3 months a week it's so cool and I hope you make a part three of his son lost his dad in a part 2 I hope you do I'll watch it
Circus baby 124
Circus baby 124 3 дня назад
Pink sus
KattyHawk X2
KattyHawk X2 3 дня назад
Janiyah Dutt
Janiyah Dutt 3 дня назад
Donna Humbert
Donna Humbert 3 дня назад
“How they were all like you have a child “
Peanut K
Peanut K 3 дня назад
I mean lemon is big fat
Greta Conforto
Greta Conforto 3 дня назад
FitiFrog 3 дня назад
Iemon is soooooo cool!!!!!!!
Ewok Gumban
Ewok Gumban 3 дня назад
Haha 😂😂 on girl
Balappa Jally
Balappa Jally 3 дня назад
Lemon is very funny
ayechan moe
ayechan moe 4 дня назад
Angle and Demon
Angle and Demon 4 дня назад
Not he ok is your mum
Angle and Demon
Angle and Demon 4 дня назад
Germayne Perrie
Germayne Perrie 4 дня назад
Eustace Dunn
Eustace Dunn 4 дня назад
I am bryan
Tristan Creative YT
Tristan Creative YT 4 дня назад
Sorry lemon but your dad is dead for now it was me
Mitch florea
Mitch florea 4 дня назад
Lemon sounds weird when he says body
Thiago Campos
Thiago Campos 4 дня назад
Christina Nickerson
Christina Nickerson 4 дня назад
Sara 4 дня назад
When he lemon said what are you doing i was like existing duh🙄
kitkatbar 4 дня назад
Your mom look funny because when the mask on the black mask
Ů̷ͅn̶͇̓k̵͔̋n̵̯̔o̸̝̕w̶͖̄n̴̥̄ 4 дня назад
6:52 Sandy and Chester are dead too Shows Mr. Grits and not Chester
8:55 it said sandy called a meeting when it was lemon
Megan McKinstry
Megan McKinstry 4 дня назад
Is is this the video where your mom gets revenge on banana
Corina Muraca
Corina Muraca 4 дня назад
Hello me a ncp
maria roias
maria roias 4 дня назад
Oh my god
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 4 дня назад
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Dallas Young
Dallas Young 4 дня назад
Lemon wonAnd lemons father is back
Dallas Young
Dallas Young 4 дня назад
Oh no lemons father Is killed by your mom
Rizz Red
Rizz Red 4 дня назад
I thought it was your mom ever since they were in weapons
M E G_YT 4 дня назад
Sorry I made a mistake
M E G_YT 4 дня назад
Jemon is funny some times hahaha
Amy Salomon
Amy Salomon 4 дня назад
I all ready press the subscribe and the bell gezz !!!!!
Lance reign Dayan
Lance reign Dayan 4 дня назад
Lance reign Dayan
Lance reign Dayan 4 дня назад
Don Techur
Don Techur 4 дня назад
I saw him I'm sorry lemon I didn't subscribe now I subscribe
Jewel Ibrahim
Jewel Ibrahim 4 дня назад
I feel bad for orange
Jay Jefferson
Jay Jefferson 5 дней назад
I cried my eyes out
Yohanes Vici
Yohanes Vici 5 дней назад
i almost cry looking at this ;-;
titanus wither storm Legendary
titanus wither storm Legendary 5 дней назад
Who's the mother of lemon
Wellies World
Wellies World 5 дней назад
Yes I did
Ravi Gjelaj
Ravi Gjelaj 5 дней назад
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Neela Jones
Neela Jones 5 дней назад
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