The Legendary Power Of Lennox Lewis

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BLTV presents The Legendary Power Of Lennox Lewis.

prof. Piérre Manimont DrSc
prof. Piérre Manimont DrSc 11 минут назад
17:59 RUlosk has called itself a censor and determines to all people what is suitable for them to watch and what is not. Today's capitalist system is worse than Stalinist communism and Hitler's fascism. Shame
Matt Poole
Matt Poole 47 минут назад
Lewis would destroy Wilder, Fury and Joshua.
Laoagan Lester
Laoagan Lester Час назад
Lennox Lewis is undoubtedly one of the greats in his division during his time but like The Klistcho brother, the bouts I watched were typical heavy weights with heavy punching and slow movements boring.
Richard Salazar
Richard Salazar 3 часа назад
I think prime Lewis beats prime Ali in under 12 rounds. Prove me wrong.
Ahmad Bey
Ahmad Bey 3 часа назад
This is lit 🔥
Harrison Bullock
Harrison Bullock 4 часа назад
Whats the song at 11:52
Jerry H
Jerry H 5 часов назад
And he was a class act, always. Never talking sh#t.
pokerstar 1176
pokerstar 1176 7 часов назад
did anyone in the division take a shot better than Ray Mercer?
GhostBox 8 часов назад
he avoided a young Tyson...
Jacob Johns
Jacob Johns 9 часов назад
Lewis is one of those people where every time he talks you like him more, what a person
Guy James
Guy James 10 часов назад
That uppercut still couldnt end bruno.....
rm 80
rm 80 10 часов назад
the 90s was only a great era for yank boxing fans.. for UK fans we only had Frank Bruno and maybe Hide and Mason.. Lennox took a long time to win over the Brits.. all the yank fights were on at 4am on satellite, not much use to us.. i MUCH prefer the current era of heavyweights.
Mountain forest
Mountain forest 10 часов назад
Man Lennox fought some tough, dangerous opponents i.e. Gary Mason, Frank Bruno, Tommy Morrison, Oliver McCall twice, Ray Mercer, Shannon Briggs, Zeijko Mavrovic, Evander Holyfield twice, David Tua, Mike Tyson & Vitali Klitshko.
Jan Belarmino
Jan Belarmino 11 часов назад
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miscible21 11 часов назад
12:20 great advice, inside or outside of the ring.
Jim17735 12 часов назад
What a fighter he was , avenged his 2 defeats, one of the greatest Heavyweight champions of all time
akult isgod
akult isgod 12 часов назад
weve all had mental breakdowns but he had one on tv. lets not be judgmental. its happened to the best of us.
Abraham Heinz
Abraham Heinz 12 часов назад
Gwan Lennox Lewis the best boxer of all time
Raffaele Bruno
Raffaele Bruno 13 часов назад
Se questo pallone gonfiato è leggenda ,Iron Myke cosa è:Dio del ring?
Barneys Bar
Barneys Bar 13 часов назад
Lennox is the man
robin lohh
robin lohh 13 часов назад
Back when boxing was a lot more interesting to watch and boxers were respectful and fought more than once a year.
masterfireworks 13 часов назад
like Mayweather i dont respect him - why ? Coward to rematch his biggest opponent!
EarnedNothing 15 часов назад
Frank Bruno looked like a statue in that fight, awesome conditioning and skin tone. Plus VHS tapes can make lighting look good on people's physiques
Roderick Taylor
Roderick Taylor 15 часов назад
He was a super heavyweight
Murphy Aldrich
Murphy Aldrich 15 часов назад
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Anthony Weitz
Anthony Weitz 15 часов назад
Best boxing video I've ever seen.
Prasanna J
Prasanna J 16 часов назад
16:18 The Rock is in the house.
World ERA of BoXinG!
World ERA of BoXinG! 16 часов назад
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damian domalewski
damian domalewski 16 часов назад
the best and smart
glennwill72 16 часов назад
Great video. Lennox Lewis was unstoppable
Frank Gecko
Frank Gecko 16 часов назад
You can't take his victories away.
Aulia Silkapianis
Aulia Silkapianis 17 часов назад
Psshh Psshh Psshh...
Kristi Robertson
Kristi Robertson 17 часов назад
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Fred O
Fred O 18 часов назад
Ducked Tyson for decade..using the Calzaghe playbook..LL had a glass jaw too
Frank Frega
Frank Frega 16 часов назад
Lennox actually beat some big time boxers unlike Tyson. Tyson beat guys that wouldn't make anybody say wow he actually won that fight. When Tyson finally fought a big time boxer he got his ass kicked twice holyfield
ferdie latorre
ferdie latorre 20 часов назад
funny to see how Rahman dropped exactly with his head under the crown in the canvass
Abhishek Pal
Abhishek Pal 20 часов назад
In the thumbnail he looks like a gta character 😄
David Kane
David Kane 20 часов назад
Lennox career was going great until he fought Jerry? Who? Jerry Curl… def an L
James Nikolovski
James Nikolovski 21 час назад
He was a machine, was Lennox!!!
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 22 часа назад
I’ll never forget watching a Lennox Lewis doco when I was 14 and it made me realise just how scary he was. Tyson handed his belt to him.
Ali Dogan
Ali Dogan 22 часа назад
17:45 dat jump is breaking records
Demon Yakku
Demon Yakku 22 часа назад
Danielle Stewart
Danielle Stewart 23 часа назад
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Etienne SA
Etienne SA 23 часа назад
This man has instantly become my favorite boxer. Mad respect to Lennox!! What a legacy
Robinson Rebel
Robinson Rebel День назад
Fuckin ads
Lee Shaun
Lee Shaun День назад
The perfect boxing physique. Natural strength, long reach, great movement and cast iron chin. Nice loose and fluid movement and a devastating left hook righthand combo. The more you look back at Lewis the more you realise how great he was. He was probably the best finisher too.
Randall Martin
Randall Martin День назад
Lewis on his best night could beat anybody ever.
Davis Rochold
Davis Rochold День назад
F**k Lewis, Vitali klitschko made him retire.. he beat a version of Tyson that was on Cocaine and tranquillisers
PIRX День назад
That's not Jim Lampley! at 18:28 It is Larry Merchant.
Richard Boone
Richard Boone День назад
Lennox Lewis was super strong and very athletic but more than even that he was very intelligent in the ring. Oh and never underrate his heart, no quit in that guy. He also always stayed in great shape he never got fat like some of the heavyweights. He was a classy champion. Rick
Bad Actor
Bad Actor День назад
When you look up the word "underrated" in the dictionary, you'll see a photo of Lennox Lewis.
Judah День назад
Man o man he f'n tee'd off on Bruno's head. Lol
Alex barron
Alex barron День назад
There so flat footed, hardly any leg movement ,plant and launch ,let's have it!
Pat Peterson
Pat Peterson День назад
I see RUlosk is stepping on board and dictating what we can see ....... what's next , what we can hear or what we can say ...... shame on RUlosk ....
Michael McFadden
Michael McFadden День назад
The last great heavyweight, Wilder, Fury, Joshua would be unknowns in that great era of boxing.
Lucien De Rubempré
Lucien De Rubempré 23 часа назад
True. Only Usyk could compete in that era.
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
Fearfully & Wonderfully Made День назад
I think Tyson would have won in his prime.
Frank Frega
Frank Frega 16 часов назад
Nobody knows who would win u can only speculate n give your opinion. Lennox defenitly had a more impressive career than Tyson. He beat alot better boxers than Tyson n its not even close
Twidalwave День назад
At 5:37 did anyone notice the music from Darkest Dungeon? Combat in the Ruins it's called
W G Jansen van Vuren
W G Jansen van Vuren День назад
Best boxer ever after Muhammed Ali.
Pedro .P
Pedro .P День назад
I saw this man retired good boxers. He fought everybody. At the end nobody wanted to fight him. This was sad that he had no one wanting to fight him. The two fights vs Evander Holyfield were bloody. It did so much damage to Holyfield he never recovered. In my humble opinion, He is one of the best ever heavyweight champions of the world.
Lummox 13 часов назад
Boxing: Lewis wars with trainer over title claim Sport Tracy, Ted Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland) Mar 14, 2000 LENNOX LEWIS has had a raging row with his trainer Emanuel Steward The bust-up came as he began the build-up to his first fight as undisputed world heavyweight champion. Lewis was left fuming by reports that Steward claimed Evander Holyfield should have won their historic bout last November. And the British fighter's promoter Panos Eliades was forced to step in as peacemaker in their war. It is the latest twist in a relationship which has sometimes been rocky, although Steward will continue to train Lewis for his clash with Michael Grant in New York on April 29.
Michael Burke
Michael Burke День назад
I love David Hayes honesty he wouldn't have a chance against Lewis. Best British Heavyweight of all time and top 5 of all time. He would of remained undefeated if he stayed a little bit more focused for those two defeats but he did avenge them both.
Yan Hanna
Yan Hanna День назад
Lewis fought everyone who was anyone, no need for social media banter, he'd wipe the floor with all the heavyweights today, even AJ. I feel he might be top 5 heavyweights of all time
moondee lundee
moondee lundee 13 часов назад
@Alex barron fury the bell end is scared of AJ. Arbtitraion excuses. He probably eating wild boars sausage and nandrolone. Never mind beating AJ he would piss his pants facing off against Lewis in the ring.
Alex barron
Alex barron День назад
He wouldn't get past fury I'm afraid hell
W P День назад
Wow. Lewis had some tough fights but came through in the end. He has a champion’s heart.
Joel Bennett
Joel Bennett День назад
That one-two versus Rahman was the greatest knockout ever.
arran pattison
arran pattison День назад
Lennox was a smart fighter and a champion... Him and Holyfield were the best of that era for sure!
Kaynm День назад
The ass whooping he put on mike Tyson was the one
Eevee Pizza
Eevee Pizza День назад
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gazbason День назад
18:44 Borat is that you?
Ivan Largo
Ivan Largo День назад
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1337S0lja День назад
Damn, that Bruno can take punch or two.
Paul Murray
Paul Murray День назад
Lewis best ever in the last 20 years, best protected fighter Mayweather, most delusional fighters Broner & Eubank Jr.
Mountain forest
Mountain forest 10 часов назад
@Lucien De Rubempré Why did Evander clearly lose to Lewis twice if he was 'so much better'?
Lucien De Rubempré
Lucien De Rubempré 23 часа назад
Holyfield was so much better as Lewis.
Jimbo Dooley
Jimbo Dooley День назад
Eubank jr- saunders was close, I'm not saying he isn't delusional but think he's definitely going places. Still a boy and his old man's probably filling his head with shit. More interested to see what happens with hattons boy.
Dusan M.
Dusan M. День назад
Lenox would newer beat Taison if Taison was 20 y.old at the time of the fight. My opinion is that Taison would knok down Lewis in 10 minutes max. Mike was at the age of 20 anstopabol. He become a sinonim of power and not Lenox or Klicko. Taison vs Lewis was just fun for money,everibodey know that Lewis would win,same was with a Holifield.
slabby rider
slabby rider День назад
@5:18 hold steady Frank...just hold it a second...aaand BAMMM!!!!!. Unbelievable.
David Lenox
David Lenox День назад
i miss the 90s
Tadeusz Skoczek
Tadeusz Skoczek День назад
Nie lubiłem go jak ch.j. I nigdy nie polubię. I wcale nie dlatego, że spuścił łomot Gołocie, bo to było sprawiedliwe.
Anthony Lennon
Anthony Lennon 2 дня назад
My favorite boxer of all times. Watched him boxing from childhood. He is of jamaican descent - Lennox Lewis is so underrated, perhaps the Greatest of all Times.
Yevgeniy Fureyster
Yevgeniy Fureyster 2 дня назад
Lewis passed the torch to klitchko
T Cook
T Cook 2 дня назад
Lennox was a great fighter but I never respected he ran from Tyson when Tyson was in his prime destroying everyone. Lennox waits after Tyson converts to Islam and his heart wasn't in fighting anymore. I never respected that win.
T. J. Moore
T. J. Moore День назад
Not true! In 1996, Lenox Lewis was the #1 contender for Mike Tyson and went to court to sue for the opportunity to face Tyson. Tyson wanted to fight Bruce Seldon in a title unifying fight! The Tyson camp paid Lewis to step aside and assuring that he would get a title fight in the future! Tyson beat Seldon, but lost to Evander Holyfield! That's when Lennox Lewis turned his attention to Holyfield! HE NEVER DUCKED TYSON!!!!! LOOK IT UP!!!!
Mr. Boren 2.869
Mr. Boren 2.869 2 дня назад
I have been wrong, but is he the only boxer to win by a mental health decision?
Robert Flynn
Robert Flynn 21 час назад
Roberto Duran broke down and quit against Sugar Ray Leonard...
Christopher Motyka
Christopher Motyka 2 дня назад
Lennox could have been a champion during the 70's I believe that he could have beaten them all.
Glenn Chapman
Glenn Chapman 2 дня назад
Lewis is, was great but he couldn’t have best Tyson in his prime. Nope. No way..
Pearson Tran
Pearson Tran 2 дня назад
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J L 2 дня назад
Lewis suffered from Larry Holmes Syndrome. Both were amazing boxers that came after legendary groupings of heavyweights. Holmes and Lewis may have been better boxers but it didn’t matter to the public.
Fukurokuju 2 дня назад
Cut video to keep RUlosk's money flowing in. = Sad!! Please someone hurry up and invent a decentralised people's tube. One that can show sports!
Digital Universe
Digital Universe 2 дня назад
Lennox was such an awesome boxer and athlete! I grew up in the 1990's and never really became aware of him until the Mike Tyson fight, watching his fight career on here I don't understand why he was not the talk of the town 24/7. The guy really new his craft and should be up there with the all time heavy weight greats of all time.
clk vegas
clk vegas 2 дня назад
That was the official end of Tyson. He got his ass stomped.
Lummox 12 часов назад
@clk vegas East Side Boxing Forum > Boxing > General Boxing Forum Why Do Lennox Lewis fans Deny, Lie and Distort Information? Lewis-Bowe Fight Nears UPI ARCHIVES JUNE 17, 1994 Lennox Lewis and Riddick Bowe are set to share one of the biggest purses in boxing history. Britain's WBC heavyweight champion will face bitter rival Bowe in America between November and April or May next year. A Lewis showdown with Bowe seemed destined never to happen when Bowe dumped his WBC belt at a London news conference in January 1993 and politics took over. The major meeting is likely to turn out to be a $33million fight, with Lewis taking $20million and Bowe $13million. After Lewis' mandatory defence against Oliver McCall, scheduled for the Wembley Arena on September 23, his earnings will spiral to $45million with the Bowe confrontation.
Lummox 13 часов назад
@Roderick Taylor David Price and Audley Harrison were Super-Heavyweights with no-chin, just like Lennox Lewis 😊😊
Lummox 13 часов назад
@clk vegas East Side Boxing Forum > Boxing > General Boxing Forum Why Do Lennox Lewis fans Deny, Lie and Distort Information? Boxing: Lewis To Meet Bowe Saturday 18th June, 1994 00:02 LENNOX LEWIS is to defend his World Boxing Council heavyweight title against Riddick Bowe in Las Vegas between November and next May. Lewis will earn pounds 12m and Bowe nearly pounds 9m, according to the champion's financial backer, Pannos Eliades. This depends upon Lewis's successful mandatory defence against Oliver McCall at Wembley in September and Bowe winning a comeback fight after losing his World Boxing Association and International Boxing Federation titles to Evander Holyfield last November
Roderick Taylor
Roderick Taylor 15 часов назад
Super heavyweight against heavyweight
clk vegas
clk vegas 16 часов назад
@Lummox . The fight I really wanted to see was Tyson and George Foreman.
Frank Yung
Frank Yung 2 дня назад
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john lavvas
john lavvas 2 дня назад
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Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones 2 дня назад
Lewis was the guy I followed through my teens. But his physique in this thumbnail looks photoshopped, he was good but didn’t have that body.
Robert Flynn
Robert Flynn 21 час назад
lol. You're correct. Definitely not his body. Weird seeing the guy was already a physical speciman...
SouthernStar 2 дня назад
His best fighter he beat was Vitali because Vitali was a monster and coming into his prime. Tyson and Holyfield were the better overall fighters but he did not beat 88' Tyson or 92' Holyfield. That's when those guys were in their primes.
Mountain forest
Mountain forest 10 часов назад
I'm not sure Holyfield was in his prime in 1992. Remember he lost comprehensively against Riddick Bowe in November 1992, and Holyfield did better in the rematch 12 months later, but that was still a very close fight. Experience counts for a lot, and I'm not convinced at all that the Holyfield of the early to mid 90's was better than the 1999 version of Holyfield that Lennox faced.
NullReferenceException 2 дня назад
Na wot ah meen 'arry?
Ema Mama
Ema Mama 2 дня назад
Big fan of Lewis 👌
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson 2 дня назад
R U KIDDING ME? RUlosk shows every shot to the head but at the end of this video they blurr it out because of a cut? WTH
Anthony John
Anthony John 2 дня назад
Lots and lots of steroids. More and more steroids. Did I say there was a lot of steroid use.
DDP85 2 дня назад
That annoying sounds he makes when throwing punches....
Mick Hicks Hixy
Mick Hicks Hixy 2 дня назад
Remember when heavy weight boxing was about pride and being a real man.Not like the waste of spaces fury and wilder.
todd minett
todd minett 2 дня назад
Not sure why you'd put fury in that category. Guy handled some serious demons and rebuilt himself better than before. He said he did it to show others with depression and mental instability that they could overcome there demons. In that respect he showed a lot of character and resilience. In the last few years he's earned my respect. Klitchco and Joshua both showed what there made of in there fight. Vlad has grown so much mentally during his career. Definitely one of the greats
UGBOKE JOSHUA 2 дня назад
Why is Lennox lewis not a GOAT
Pitter Pit
Pitter Pit 2 дня назад
Whoever saw the fight without that blurring effects knows that Vitali should have been awarded as the winner and NOT Lennox Looser
Luckson Hangluah
Luckson Hangluah 2 дня назад
the man only fights big names.. to me he is one of the greatest ever..
moondee lundee
moondee lundee 13 часов назад
@Klaus Pohlmann klaus stfu. Lewis won by technical decision. End of. I'd like to see vitali fight at 36 to a lewis at 29 year old.
Klaus Pohlmann
Klaus Pohlmann 22 часа назад
He said to Vitali: *I gave him a 2nd chance!* ! And then? Running away with brown pants, the looser!
MrTrig84 День назад
The greatest in my book
RAW #VIZION 2 дня назад
Lenox was a beast
RAW #VIZION 2 дня назад
Broke my heart to wach this fight.
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