Weld Metal Repair Paste Review 2021- Does it Work?

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DIY Fans

Месяц назад

❤Get Yours Metal Repair Glue Now: bit.ly/3aisujM
This Permanent Metal Repair Paste can instead of seeking professional repair service, easily patch up busted pipes, leaky pails, corroded steel yourself to save at least $200 each time!
It’s an extremely tough mix that will breathe new life into your busted metallic surfaces!
Form strong, stable, permanent bond that lasts for ages. It can be shaped, tapped, filed, sanded and drilled depending on your needs.
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DIY Fans
DIY Fans Месяц назад
❤Get Yours Metal Repair Glue Now: bit.ly/3aisujM ❤Free Worldwide Shipping.
Wright jordans
Wright jordans День назад
John White
John White 3 дня назад
@Michelet Bijoux YOUR SHIT SUX!!!
shakir gouri
shakir gouri 3 дня назад
No Name
No Name 4 дня назад
Francisco Lozada R
Francisco Lozada R 4 дня назад
@edilberto muñoz pregunto lo mismo
Elcin Hesenzade
Elcin Hesenzade Час назад
Mənə bu kleydən lazımdı.bunu necə alım axı.
okan bıçak
okan bıçak 2 часа назад
Türkiyede var mı acaba
Тимур Умаргалиев
Тимур Умаргалиев 3 часа назад
А мина для чего?
jonathanthegreatest 3 часа назад
E fals lol burghiul merge invers 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Revolutionary Kaisereich
Revolutionary Kaisereich 3 часа назад
Why rpg?
Jose Fernando Chaparro Quintana
Jose Fernando Chaparro Quintana 5 часов назад
Tony Midyett
Tony Midyett 7 часов назад
Downvoted for the goddamn music.
les jabbour
les jabbour 10 часов назад
Hi 😊 I am interested to know more about the cool product your advertising where about I be able to buy it from Is it available in Melbourne or Sydney Australia please send me a notification or email address to buy the useful product
DIY Fans
DIY Fans 2 часа назад
you can check on our website qwikcrafts.com/
Divyang Dodia
Divyang Dodia 11 часов назад
How easily the drill is spun backwards
Arsema Tebebe
Arsema Tebebe 12 часов назад
Me be like boi O-O u sure you know wut chu doin like u just put dynamite in a pipe
mark campbell
mark campbell 14 часов назад
I didn't care if he blow himself up just as long as he fixes the pipe & where can I get some ?????
Ramon Opaso
Ramon Opaso 15 часов назад
Dónde se consigue??? O se compra ,soy de Argentina 👍
Red Cloud
Red Cloud 15 часов назад
with this you cant break it with: drill saw chainsaw jackhammer swords arrows i ran out of ideas
Marcela Gabuya
Marcela Gabuya 16 часов назад
look at the rebits it look like at a reverse rotation or in counter clockwise. hmmmm
Yanzi19 17 часов назад
Lol fuck welding eh
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia 19 часов назад
I love how he uses a crap drill bit and it kind looks like it's in reverse, and he didnt even touch the paste with the grinder hardly. 🙄
Almighty Freak
Almighty Freak 23 часа назад
My dumbass waiting for it to blow up
Lasbet Fathi
Lasbet Fathi День назад
ما اسم المنتوج ؟؟
Alex Gor
Alex Gor День назад
Петарда то нахера?))
Benjamin Carnahan
Benjamin Carnahan День назад
Bondo? Yes it works
อาม อีกแล้ว
อาม อีกแล้ว День назад
Hey stupid guys. The drill did not turn that way.
Md Sahidul Islam Rakib
Md Sahidul Islam Rakib День назад
Large quantity want to purchase ,,, what should I do ??
Anton Shakuridze
Anton Shakuridze День назад
Хахаха, ну и бредятина, глушитель бы просто разорвало в другом месте) И если бы создали такой материал, вы представьте, чем бы покрывали танки и самолёты?
ام سجاد
ام سجاد День назад
said ollmo
said ollmo День назад
Whats the firecracker for
russian boy
russian boy День назад
Legenda praví že ta petarda hoří do dnes
Jackflash День назад
So what was the firecracker for? It went out befor he even lifted the pipe up
Vato Loco
Vato Loco День назад
Legend has it that the firecracker still burning.
Larry Sierra
Larry Sierra День назад
what is the name of that paste
Mark Mucha
Mark Mucha День назад
I think that was flex paste r/wallstreetsilver
Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh День назад
Wht is the benefit of dynamite 🙄🙄
Leonardo Alonzo
Leonardo Alonzo День назад
What is that material
Jwardhooper22 День назад
What was the firecracker for?
raja shetty
raja shetty День назад
What is that u applied to pipe?
Bruce Hubbard
Bruce Hubbard День назад
What's with the non exploding fire cracker. You really need to explain this.
Learsi Zednanreh
Learsi Zednanreh День назад
Cuál es el.nombre de este producto?
เบนจามิน กิ่งสุวรรณ
เบนจามิน กิ่งสุวรรณ День назад
4Banger День назад
This is the 2nd one foook
CROWjunkie День назад
Nobody going to talk about the drill spinning the wrong way?
MARC День назад
Just tigwelding that would be cheaper and probably more reliable
RBKathletics День назад
I hate your 🧨
Macy Spitfire
Macy Spitfire День назад
Now put real dinamite there
Mikael Arc
Mikael Arc День назад
So wat was the point of this
Mikael Arc
Mikael Arc День назад
Wat i don't get y dint it go off right away
Richard Delinsky
Richard Delinsky День назад
Did he just light a firework in a pipe over a mortar? Man, he really has faith in that paste.
Wolverine s
Wolverine s День назад
Thats not a fix lol. Jerry rigged at best
Miguel R
Miguel R 2 дня назад
What's with the damn mortar!!??? So confusing with that stupid ass shit
Oddgear 2 дня назад
I hate how close that is to a mortars round
CAM TUBE 2 дня назад
more please
Abad ali lawyer
Abad ali lawyer 2 дня назад
Kya h ye
Jason Bamford
Jason Bamford 2 дня назад
Come on guys look at the drill it's in reverse.
Jorge Alberto Caldera Rodríguez
Jorge Alberto Caldera Rodríguez 2 дня назад
Like si alguien habla españoñ
s deep
s deep 2 дня назад
So if I put this on my girlfriend mouth she will stop talking right?
Ryan yoon
Ryan yoon 2 дня назад
호호랑이 생각난다ㅋㅋㅋ
Jasim Shaikh
Jasim Shaikh 2 дня назад
There's more than just what you see in the video
شريف.شعبان شعبان.عبد.الجواد
شريف.شعبان شعبان.عبد.الجواد 2 дня назад
شريف.شعبان شعبان.عبد.الجواد
شريف.شعبان شعبان.عبد.الجواد 2 дня назад
Fru Nkwenti
Fru Nkwenti 2 дня назад
Wow....plastic metal finally brought to the market
sdv73168 aka Jigabyte
sdv73168 aka Jigabyte 2 дня назад
What did I just see?
CANDIDO MINAYA 2 дня назад
What for is the firecracker?
6ettinold 2 дня назад
I would be been convinced if you'd actually applied some pressurevwith that drill. It tickled at best.
Jason Bamford
Jason Bamford 2 дня назад
The drill is in reverse watch it again.it's too damn funny
Patricia pinheiro da Silva
Patricia pinheiro da Silva 2 дня назад
Saliz Triyadi
Saliz Triyadi 2 дня назад
itu lem apa nama nya
Truly Drippy
Truly Drippy 2 дня назад
My question is why don't peoe building houses use this to cover the pipes in the first place too avoid this happening😑
ShyGuy 2 дня назад
finally, I can fix my headphones 👁👄👁
Michael Hachenberg
Michael Hachenberg 2 дня назад
Und, was ist mit dem Knallfrosch🤔🤔🤔🙄😳
Snipz Cubz
Snipz Cubz 2 дня назад
He stole a catalytic converter to do this
Mr H7
Mr H7 2 дня назад
I never understood why every video of this ends up with them lighting a firecracker what's the point of lighting the fuse
сугаил магомедов
сугаил магомедов 2 дня назад
Как называется этот гермо?
Любовь Прибылых
Любовь Прибылых 2 дня назад
Что это так, как называется?
Любовь Прибылых
Любовь Прибылых 2 дня назад
Можно название
Saman Lol
Saman Lol 2 дня назад
ALAN-16 2 дня назад
Amd the drill is in reverse WHY
Norbert Wahrstein
Norbert Wahrstein 3 дня назад
Mit einem komplett stumpfen Bohrer....wird das auch nix
khải đỗ
khải đỗ 3 дня назад
Xin link nhạc
Gianna Giovana Have Huge Long Dream
Gianna Giovana Have Huge Long Dream 3 дня назад
My biggest question is why is there a mortart shell?
Леонид Саха Уола
Леонид Саха Уола 3 дня назад
Панер Римский
Панер Римский 3 дня назад
Меня одного смущает что выхлоп стоит на снаряде от рпг 7???
Панер Римский
Панер Римский Час назад
@Дион Адэн ни пали контору
Дион Адэн
Дион Адэн Час назад
Это от минамета
Delie 3 дня назад
Such an shit 😅
Gumbo Gumbo
Gumbo Gumbo 3 дня назад
Why the fuck is there a rpg missile.
AYOM 3 дня назад
Why is there a mortar?
Ravi Bajaniya
Ravi Bajaniya 3 дня назад
what is the purpose of firecracker?...in video, we dont see the blast
Сергей Реймаров
Сергей Реймаров 3 дня назад
Чё он там поджёг?
Anand Kulkarni
Anand Kulkarni 3 дня назад
What is name of the chemical used
Metro Tram
Metro Tram 3 дня назад
Совсем без склейки, молодцы. И болгаркой то прямо «попадает» по намазанному. Для каких даунов это видео?!
Vlad Babiy
Vlad Babiy 3 дня назад
LoneSoldier29 3 дня назад
Wtf is the mortar for?
Gg Kj
Gg Kj 3 дня назад
شلون احصل على المنتج
Gg Kj
Gg Kj 3 дня назад
لسلام عليكم ورحمة
Trevor Gifford
Trevor Gifford 3 дня назад
Love that the firecracker went out before they closed it up.
Eduardo Torres
Eduardo Torres 3 дня назад
What exactly is that paste called and where could I get some
Miguel Basto
Miguel Basto 3 дня назад
Was he lightning up a fire cracker
Steve Swallows
Steve Swallows 3 дня назад
Might work but it's a sloppy result
Gaming on Mars
Gaming on Mars 3 дня назад
Is nobody gonna talk about that mortar he just has laying around
Moe Money
Moe Money 23 часа назад
Nevermind that's the upholstery
Moe Money
Moe Money 23 часа назад
I think blue means diffused, look at those small holes
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones День назад
It's inert. You can buy them online with ease. There's nothing to worry about with them.
Bob Steins
Bob Steins 2 дня назад
it's a good luck charm in russia :)
tengku tengku
tengku tengku 3 дня назад
Thon Mark
Thon Mark 3 дня назад
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shivam kumar
shivam kumar 3 дня назад
Andar patakha kyu phoda
J SHADOW 3 дня назад
hmmmm more like pipe bomb instruction guide, why is there fireworks insde it? say some dumb person sees this and goes and sticks a firework inside a steel pipe then lights it and caps it and blows his fucking arms off thats on you and ya wonder goo
Say Pone
Say Pone 3 дня назад
Where I can buy it?? Please tell me??
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