Why Putin wants Alexei Navalny dead

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Navalny's movement is unlike any in recent history.
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In 2006, a lawyer named Alexei Navalny started a blog where he wrote about corruption in his home country of Russia. It’s the most prominent problem under the regime of Vladimir Putin, who has ruled Russia since 2000. Putin has systematically taken over the country’s independent media, oligarchy, elections, and laws to cement his own power and wield corruption to his advantage.
That’s what Navalny set out to expose. And in 2010, he published a groundbreaking investigation into a state-owned transportation company, Transneft, which was funneling state money into the hands of its executives. The post launched Navalny into politics.
By 2016, he had become the face of Russia’s opposition movement, run for mayor, and was running for president against Putin himself. Navalny was unifying Russia’s opposition like no politician had before. That’s why the Kremlin tried to kill him. Navalny survived the assassination attempt, launching a movement never before seen in Russia.
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Relaxation Station
Relaxation Station 47 минут назад
I think that Putin is way, way, way in overtime!
Dva Nerdi v Kanadě
Dva Nerdi v Kanadě 3 часа назад
Russia and China. Hand in hand trying to destroy western freedoms by corruption, manipulation and lies.
Tom 4 часа назад
Because Putins got a Nepoleon complex.
luke lewkowicz
luke lewkowicz 4 часа назад
If anyone need to know that Russia is a sick puppy this show exposes the sickness of greed. West is clearly complicit in the crime by allowing river of money to flood the western banks. The most ridiculous of all when it is all over we are going to be told that they ( mega crooks) are all on the mars.
luke lewkowicz
luke lewkowicz 4 часа назад
Because he is what he was called, KILLER period. Let it be a clear singn to all those " admires".
maria rahel varnhagen
maria rahel varnhagen 6 часов назад
Koordinatnai͡a geometrīi͡a na ploskosti v prilozhenii k pr͡amoĭ linīi i k konicheskim si͡echenīi͡am
AWP TEJO 7 часов назад
This is the west chanel, Russian hatters ofc
E H 7 часов назад
Thank god for people like Alexei (But listening to it more, not so much for the racial slurs)
infant jones
infant jones 7 часов назад
It's very interesting how much this glosses over the fact that Alexei Navalny is a hardline Russian nationalist who wants to abolish the multi-ethnic political system in Russia and replace it with a 'Russians First' policy.
Bianca Swart
Bianca Swart 7 часов назад
I sometimes think there's more paranoia in Russia than corruption.
Kevin 8 часов назад
Wait untill putin put uno card on poker card
Veljko Jeremić
Veljko Jeremić 8 часов назад
Putin is the BEST
Cristian Pastarini
Cristian Pastarini 9 часов назад
W VLADIMIR PUTIN...I delinquenti di solito marciscono in galera.....crepa.... Ladro
Jon R. Olsen
Jon R. Olsen 10 часов назад
Right, Here's a guy with a 2% approval of Russians and Putin has to poison him. Sounds more like a CIA construct.
Matteo Prezioso
Matteo Prezioso 11 часов назад
Watching this video, you cannot not understand why trump the scumbag loves Putin so much.
Plushy 36 минут назад
Emma 12 часов назад
Very sad to watch this now knowing he’s in critical condition in jail and being denied his own doctors.
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 12 часов назад
One of my dads friends escaped from Russia and was apart of one of Putin’s spy groups back in the Cold War and help in an attack against a train carrying secret cargo. Alex the Russian is the funniest and nicest person. I hope he gets his citizenship soon
SCP Foundation
SCP Foundation 12 часов назад
I support Alex but I like Putin because he embodies what makes Russia Russia (for 1975)
Shred Spectrum
Shred Spectrum 13 часов назад
Well Putin has been In power for 20 something years
Antifa Present
Antifa Present 14 часов назад
This guy Navalny is Evil spirits.
BLack GoLD
BLack GoLD 14 часов назад
This man could be the next leader of russia. Just imagine how that would be, and what that would do to the world order.
Kanato-kun ex psyco
Kanato-kun ex psyco 15 часов назад
I do respect Vladimir Putin, but for silencing a man because he fears what would come out of this guys mouth. That's a sign of cowardness and a well respected gentleman doesn't have any trace of that trait.
Graham Seed
Graham Seed 15 часов назад
“Trumped up charges.” Ironic
john ecker
john ecker 15 часов назад
Rip hes an brave man
Magnar Hovde
Magnar Hovde 15 часов назад
Ejvind Andersen
Ejvind Andersen 16 часов назад
Ironic Games.
wlg 16 часов назад
as we say in russia pokhui + pokhui
Anti Mage
Anti Mage 16 часов назад
mazotçu 16 часов назад
Putin failed an assassination lol
Peace Love
Peace Love 17 часов назад
Here because I'm just an American who has no idea who this man is and just need some info.
Sourav Thakyal
Sourav Thakyal 17 часов назад
Same things are happening in India. But worse. What was once known as the world's largest democracy is now transforming into a one party dictatorship
Sourav Thakyal
Sourav Thakyal Час назад
@Shreemanto are you a bhakt?🤣
Shreemanto 11 часов назад
Oh is it 😂😂😂
Simeon Petrov
Simeon Petrov 17 часов назад
Aged like wine... Sadly... im gonna cry
Rêverée 17 часов назад
He got blyated
Subhashish Bagchi
Subhashish Bagchi 19 часов назад
So Putin was a KGB mole, I never knew that. So in Russia a cunning spy can become president in mother Russia like a Tea seller can become prime minister in mother India. 😁😁😁😁
Farhan Bin Hasan
Farhan Bin Hasan 19 часов назад
If ur a critic of the president, u serve jail sentence. But all the murderers, rapists roaming freely. Shame on the entire legal system
Iron Cross
Iron Cross 20 часов назад
Putin took a worse russia and made it better. Many in the country love and respect him. Democracy does not work well in russia, everybody would steal, oligarchs would increase and the poor as well.
Iron Cross
Iron Cross 20 часов назад
friends of putin or seniors in putins party russia united might want navalny dead, rather then putin himself. Many have lost power because of navalny in some parts of russia.
Kenshin Hanma
Kenshin Hanma 21 час назад
This is just north korea but more secretly and quiet movement
A J 21 час назад
He is dying of his own wish by staying hungry!! Putin just saved the poison for the next one!
jinglejuggs69 21 час назад
...and trump loves putin?
Injurious Personalities
Injurious Personalities 21 час назад
If they make a biopic hank azaria should play navalny! Would be perfect 👌
NycBeauty 22 часа назад
I knew some thing bad was going to happen when he went back to Russia. He should have stayed in Germany. 😢
NycBeauty 22 часа назад
Putin , Jinping , Biden... reptilians.
Stupido Gamer
Stupido Gamer 22 часа назад
My god what an absolute chad
Juan Ramirez
Juan Ramirez 22 часа назад
Have you guys read about him lately ? Apparently he’s really sick from a hunger strike.
Joe Gunn
Joe Gunn 23 часа назад
Sounds likes he's the Russian Alex Jones
Filomena Muñoz
Filomena Muñoz День назад
Hypocrites Pun
Hypocrites Pun День назад
z1d День назад
Putin for the memes and fun, but Navalny for the freedom and justice
AKU День назад
There's Putin's bots among us, remember that
Kokot Royal
Kokot Royal День назад
America, the biggest terrorist and criminals in the world are criticising Russia. Julian Assange exposed their crimes and he’s in jail today. Russia knows that and they won’t listen .
Nader Esmael
Nader Esmael День назад
Putin is Trump's friend. I see the similarities.
Talk the Talk
Talk the Talk День назад
Anybody who has betrayed his/her country and cooperated with foreign countries to overthrow their own country deserves a death sentence or life in prison.
linford phele mthobeli
linford phele mthobeli День назад
I love this movie 🎥
Mitschie Waldmann
Mitschie Waldmann День назад
Reality seems too proof that Putin really wants him dead...I’m really worried that he will succeed
Sandra Richardson
Sandra Richardson День назад
@If they Get their hands on Navalny ™ he could be prosicuted ©® HACCp ™ intell Cyber unit ™ on-line screening ©
Sandra Richardson
Sandra Richardson День назад
Eye believe US wants navildy too™ HACCp Cyber intel core i7 processor ™ On-line screening ™
Anne of Cleves
Anne of Cleves День назад
Предатель нашей России!
kb_prophet День назад
Weird how Trump supporters are falling in love with Putin just because Biden won the election.
TheAlexgoodlife День назад
Russia as a country has so much potential to be a global superpower once more but its citizens live in poverty and decay, its population shrinks and its natural resources are wasted all in the name of corrupt oligarchs and money. This applies somewhat to most post soviet countries especially the Ukraine, wasted potential and 20 years of decline and stagnation at the hands of corruption
Mi chi
Mi chi День назад
And don't forget that Putin is probably the richest man in the world
Ollie Crowley
Ollie Crowley День назад
He’s about to get his wish 😞
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet День назад
Man thank you to vox and whoever made this. I have been living under a rock and have never heard about this guy. Living in HK, the news never reports these kinds of stuff except for local political shenanigans. Currently binge watching more about Navalny and I can't wait for the day Putin loses his power.
Paul Collins
Paul Collins День назад
Putins a mad man.
Rafael Prado
Rafael Prado День назад
Se putin quer alguem morto, ele mata. Acham q ele é frances ?🇧🇷🇷🇺
Zerse Gaming
Zerse Gaming День назад
Life in Russia is a movie
Alan День назад
Putin is good
Supguy 21 час назад
Russian bot spotted
Behruz День назад
Navalny is a racist and nobody talks about it.
X X 8 часов назад
@DimaGamer хули ты пиздишь, димас? У нас че, толерантное общество?
DimaGamer 9 часов назад
@X X You're tripping. Nobody here in Russia hates black people.
Behruz 18 часов назад
@Supguy to immigrants.
X X 19 часов назад
@Supguy to black people obviously
Ayeo capone
Ayeo capone 20 часов назад
@Supguyprobably the ethnic minorities there such as the tribes But I think that russia should focus on removing it's dictator first
Rick Sautner
Rick Sautner День назад
Wow..we always knew Putin was killer a criminal and evil..
bullo xoxo
bullo xoxo День назад
I will say one thing, be happy with what you have now, democracy much worst trust me, there will be double the corruption, I'm speaking from experience...
Russia needs second revolution to get rid off Putin for sure.
Franco Bertolini
Franco Bertolini День назад
Perchè invece di rompere i coglioni con questo individuo traditore del suo paese non parlate a difesa di Assange????
Mi chi
Mi chi День назад
Omelette du fromage?
robert alex buc
robert alex buc День назад
Wow, what a title
Apoorva Chauhan
Apoorva Chauhan День назад
ha ha nuts all i like is freedom fighter game
ashitakaharuo День назад
i can't stand navalny and i'm pretty sure having him as president would be problematic as well. however he is probably the one who can break the neverending putin presidency one way or the other, and that alone makes it important to keep him alive and in the public eye, and report about him as much as possible.
Michele Dinunno
Michele Dinunno День назад
if putin demands an order it is completed 100% ... let's remember that he is a former kgb agent. I think it wasn't him because in that case navalny would be watching us from above
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin День назад
*Remember, people in the comments, I am watching you*
Q V День назад
Putin is a soviet man who rules the country by soviet way
Neagu Daniel
Neagu Daniel День назад
You forgot to say that , behind Navalny theatre is America and Europe. They support and finance him 🤐🤐🤐 Hand out of Russia and don’t joke with the boss Putin 😎😎😎. He drove Russia out of poverty and made the country stronger and powerful .👏👏👏👏
Soldat Kaiyodo
Soldat Kaiyodo День назад
Clark Kent De Justo
Clark Kent De Justo День назад
Not gonna lie alexei looks like a star wars vilian for some odd reason
Moustache Singh
Moustache Singh День назад
Indian media is showering praises as if Putin is best president but they should see this video
Trinity Brown
Trinity Brown День назад
Supguy 21 час назад
Putin bot
Sire Neo
Sire Neo День назад
ok so Can you please be a bit less obvious that you’re probably a bot? Using the same comment twice in the same channel seems sketchy, so is the word choice. Also, this account was made very recently and probably only comments in box.
Micah Bell
Micah Bell День назад
And more people still siding with Putin
Holden Hankins
Holden Hankins День назад
Well, he’s about to get his wish
Jason MB999
Jason MB999 День назад
I wonder what this average alex guy can do better than putin.
Kaab Khan
Kaab Khan 2 дня назад
Russia has Putin India has Modi
Kaab Khan
Kaab Khan День назад
@S S wait till his tenure extends...our brat is still at beginners stage...LOL
S S День назад
Yes, We are so lucky 😉 Thank goodness Modi is soo much better
Dyortos 2 дня назад
Well this didn't age too well
Beth Swann
Beth Swann 2 дня назад
Because Alexei gives hope to people, it's that simple
nazar En
nazar En 2 дня назад
Джи сша про навалнго говорат
ARMYjoy614 2 дня назад
On one hand, I wish we would've exposed it 'anonymous' style and hid his identity. Although, I'm sure it would have been discovered eventually. On the other, his personality and him being a real, relatable person resonated with Russians and certainly helped the cause. When those horrible things happened to him, it makes his case even more believable.
That0neGuyGames 2 дня назад
Man, History KEEPS Repeating ITSELF... If we don't get rid of PUTIN the next person in office non -elected but chosen and the one after that will do what all authoritarian rulers do OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This man in the video is warning US. CAN WE NOT SEE THE SIGNS?????? God, putin is badass but thats it. This isn't a joke anymore.
NEOTHEFT 2 дня назад
and next, vox.
John Bai
John Bai 2 дня назад
Why this looks familiar almost like what's happening in America with controlling the media and rigging elections 🤔
Wes Heitz
Wes Heitz День назад
No not at all
eiramram 2 дня назад
Whats the music in this video? I´m lovin´ it.
eiramram 2 дня назад
@Aziz Chaudhry thanks, I didnt notice :)
Aziz Chaudhry
Aziz Chaudhry 2 дня назад
All tracks are listed in the ending credits.
Djordje Milanovic
Djordje Milanovic 2 дня назад
If he wanted him dead, he whould be dead a long of time ago.
Mark Overwater
Mark Overwater 2 дня назад
Safe narvalny and all the other prisoners in the USSR. Cold, workshop etc. kille them! Poetin is more worse than stalin.
tehdii 2 дня назад
Do not worry the whole world is watching you... Every rich thief is watching over you :/
Ilia Stephnadze
Ilia Stephnadze 2 дня назад
I have KGB on me I am sure ,I live in Georgia and we are occupied by Russia so they are actually on me .
Calvin Mario Santoso the Gamer Boi
Calvin Mario Santoso the Gamer Boi 2 дня назад
In russia, President assassinate you
Akash Ankit
Akash Ankit 2 дня назад
Media of this type is terrifying And Indian media is going to that way God save india
S S День назад
Why what happened to Indian media? Can you explain? (I am not Indian but interested)
Parfitt95 2 дня назад
Western liberals sure love to toss stones in their glass houses
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