Dw3ll Beyond
Dw3ll Beyond 12 часов назад
Why to is there 10k dislikes
chris burns
chris burns 12 часов назад
its about time some real cars in gta 5
jaymes weesner
jaymes weesner 12 часов назад
It's from anime called initial d an amazing drift racing show every car guy know this show
chris burns
chris burns 12 часов назад
looking forward to purchase this car
Slater 360
Slater 360 12 часов назад
Whouldint the tresure hunter be looking for s rouf emerald and this is a "finely cut emerald"
Fierce •
Fierce • 12 часов назад
“All bounties are wanted dead or alive.” Etta Doyle: Am I a joke to you?
Stephen Eads
Stephen Eads 12 часов назад
I love GTA VI talk, that’s why I subbed, but this was dumb af… Also, if you want it to drop so bad, STOP PLAYING GTA V, uninstall it, that’s what we all have to do.
Nilexian 12 часов назад
"The gun is invincible" wtf.
04_Arya Nabil Satrio
04_Arya Nabil Satrio 12 часов назад
Arthur will never fell in love with anybody again he didn't want world have another Isaac which is sad
Stephen Eads
Stephen Eads 12 часов назад
THERE NOW ANNOUNCING ANYTHING @ SONY 🤡 Sony hasn’t done anything right since the ps5 dropped, Rockstar isn’t gona pair with them to do anything other than re re re release gtaV on next gen 🤦🏻‍♂️
Nilexian 12 часов назад
I remember on one of my playthroughs I somehow lassoed him, he got up and I beat him to death. Don't know whether it was a glitch or that it was programmed as a possibility. If it was possible, don't know why if they had that dialogue planned, though. R* is just confusing as hell with RDR, and all about the money with GTA.
Dominic Gutierrez
Dominic Gutierrez 12 часов назад
I never even got free money
MR PLAYER 12 часов назад
Im only love to enjoy the game with my team and let other enjoy 😙
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 12 часов назад
This dude literally scams little kids with the g2a bs
Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez 12 часов назад
I still never got money
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 12 часов назад
I’ve never got any free money for this new update can you please help me with I’m on Xbox series x thank you
Antoni p
Antoni p 12 часов назад
What if you shoot the rope?
LuWheely 12 часов назад
6th star
МИЛОШ 13 часов назад
Wheres my 300 000 000 dollars?
spidey man
spidey man 13 часов назад
why i want to buy police cars and police helicopters
Dr Stevanovic
Dr Stevanovic 13 часов назад
Luca Ma
Luca Ma 13 часов назад
I'm Italian, the title was translated in my language, and in Italian without Question mark the sentence become affermative, instead of "can you...?", it becomes "you can..." I was like "no more tuberculosis guys"
NotJaden 13 часов назад
You can actually inhale and exhale... And here's how.
Youssef ROSHDY
Youssef ROSHDY 13 часов назад
I can’t find the car to buy it 😂
Kharkovvvv 13 часов назад
The cyclone might be based on the roadster that will come out
Oscar Iemand
Oscar Iemand 13 часов назад
Does it work in online or not??
TTV. Toxic
TTV. Toxic 13 часов назад
6:20 that’s actually not a Supra🙅‍♂️ it’s a BMW🤦‍♂️
Kelly Bills
Kelly Bills 13 часов назад
Well this was a waste of time thank you to the person in the comments with a two second answer.
Lawl 13 часов назад
I did not know they were brother and sister
the man behind slaugther
the man behind slaugther 14 часов назад
Like why did rockstar have to kill the best character in rdr2
Taz Avelar
Taz Avelar 14 часов назад
Does this still work?
Van Zedrick Lao
Van Zedrick Lao 14 часов назад
Mrboss Arthur's horse is a Missouri fox trotterq
Stupidest person in earth
Stupidest person in earth 14 часов назад
i BeLieVe iN tHiS gUY hIS CoNteNT is 100% rEal :)
JoshBowersMTB 14 часов назад
Wow raid sponsors this shit?
Stupidest person in earth
Stupidest person in earth 14 часов назад
Oh My god i believe this type of videos are 100% real
Darwin Specter
Darwin Specter 14 часов назад
Lupin823 14 часов назад
If Micah has been a "good boy" since after he returns from Guarma... doesnt that mean he didn't start blabbing after the bank job?
Kornel Marian
Kornel Marian 15 часов назад
If I do 10 stunt jumps would I get 1 mill in 1 or 2 days???
Oskar Janczak
Oskar Janczak 15 часов назад
Are you crying?😢
Param Jawanda
Param Jawanda 15 часов назад
Im not getting the email what do I do
Infinity 15 часов назад
I'm a tryhard but I avoid fighting unless people attack me first
Emre 15 часов назад
So do you lose your gold bars?
Feijoo TONY
Feijoo TONY 15 часов назад
I avoided it all the way and I wasn't force to do it. Actually I went when Strauss said he had died of a sickness. The wife and kid payed up but my Arthur is not sick
Demarcus Walker
Demarcus Walker 15 часов назад
Before I can tell everybody about this websites you should know I have a testimony to share ,didn’t believe *blackwebfunds on Instagram* teaches me how to earn btc online ,with all I have pass through finding the right hacker for months now all I got was fake and scam
Mads Kristiansen
Mads Kristiansen 15 часов назад
The only good thing about Micah is Curse we can get his revolver
mr shooll
mr shooll 15 часов назад
I think my bro did this 5:37
mr shooll
mr shooll 15 часов назад
Im sure i will not get this secret mission 3:02
diamond Poekes
diamond Poekes 15 часов назад
i came up with this asap when the car came out but it's alright
Seymour Buttz
Seymour Buttz 15 часов назад
You guys gotta check out the video where people grief this tool haha it’s so funny, he’s such a weenie
Sally Noble
Sally Noble 16 часов назад
I have done it I got a lot of money
Dark3stShad0w 16 часов назад
2:05 give me a tongue kiss : D *pulls out gun* "nevermind lets go" lol
DJHUSKY1117’s Channel
DJHUSKY1117’s Channel 16 часов назад
I logged on and i have not got anything plz help me and comment what i should do
AmericanMan YEEYEE
AmericanMan YEEYEE 16 часов назад
One He wore cowboy boots and two never wore suspendeders, the movie it’s terrible rip off of the show the show is the OG that had John Shnider in the 70’s
Randal Marsh 79
Randal Marsh 79 16 часов назад
How can I cross the river when John Marston can't fucking swim?
Barrett Long
Barrett Long 16 часов назад
Use your horse
KILLAKINGD0M 16 часов назад
Alright here’s the plan: Tree, Tray, and Laney ride to Los Santos Denise. Author take sahelanthropus, arab-beans, and Miss Suri Box Cutter to the peequad and arrive at LZ.
Gettem I Gottem [#p1mpjuuce45th]
Gettem I Gottem [#p1mpjuuce45th] 16 часов назад
Ya guys run those cars regularly the ones in the back, it’s bad for the oil Pan to just sit
Gettem I Gottem [#p1mpjuuce45th]
Gettem I Gottem [#p1mpjuuce45th] 16 часов назад
I bmx a mentally unhealthy amount I love bmxing thru police chases
Hanale Wilson
Hanale Wilson 16 часов назад
You can’t stance cars from the quick menu unless it’s from tuners update. I still have to shoot every car before that update
Exotic- 16 часов назад
Fun task
Lester Crest
Lester Crest 16 часов назад
Rep rank 119 rn
Jeffrey Morse
Jeffrey Morse 16 часов назад
Nikko belic, isn't driving that tow truck in the picture, that's not his jacket hanging up by the door either. After liberty city, Nikko and Roman move to Los santos Roman buys the yellow jack Inn and Nikko partners with him. After awhile for reasons unknown, Roman and Nikko sell the yellow jack Inn to the lady behind the counter in game now, Roman died. Nikko would be in his elder years by now I believe, not sure on that. Pokie McCreary has aged, as we saw in game, running into him from time to time. Bruce aged as well. So I'm guessing if gta 4 was in 2008 and gta 5 online is in 2021 then that'll make Nikko in his late 50s to early 60s. Depending on his actual age in gta4. The "poor bank robber" reference could be packing McCreary as well.
Ty Leyden
Ty Leyden 16 часов назад
Rockstar: "hey chum! We got your favorite thing ... disappointment!"
Volkozma 17 часов назад
I had to get rid of my striped tiger horse for the gold one in saint denis
TenTaki 17 часов назад
I'm a guy and use one so umm
Roan Howarth
Roan Howarth 17 часов назад
Am I the only one that has thought about GTA VI being released on 27th oct when GTA Vice City was released for it's 20th anniversary since 1: everyone thinks it's it's going to take place in vice city 2: "VI" the first two letters of Vice 3. it would be a good time 2022 oct 27th lets see if I'm correct
04_Arya Nabil Satrio
04_Arya Nabil Satrio 17 часов назад
"I'm not sure who's this guy in the camp" Bro there's literally his name 😀🤣🤣🤣🤣
Vickie Nolan
Vickie Nolan 17 часов назад
Harrassment Panda
Harrassment Panda 17 часов назад
It says you get money for reaching level 20 before August but I still haven't gotten anything
Cloaked Pretzel
Cloaked Pretzel 17 часов назад
I did the most disrespectful kill on micah on my 2nd playthrough 4 ball shots
jonathan longo
jonathan longo 17 часов назад
Got my auto shop but I think you can only use it until aug 18th
Mr Noobody
Mr Noobody 17 часов назад
Anyone on pc wanna help me with this and I help with yours?
Kev Kev
Kev Kev 17 часов назад
I’m gonna be sad when they finally leave gta 5 behind so manny memories from 2013-present now. It’s amazing how much TIME and effort they put in on a game that’s so amazing till this day it’s still one of the greatest open world games
Monstrosity 17 часов назад
So is it gonna be added to pc as well or what?
Bodydropped1 17 часов назад
I feel like they really dropped the ball on customizations for all the new car's.
Jesse Reddick
Jesse Reddick 17 часов назад
Ending C, ending B makes no sense since Michael is franklins buddy you know he has saved Michael before in the mission “Fresh Meat” and has saved Lamar numerous times. So Franklin doesn’t seem to be a snake. Just to me, It makes no sense cause Franklin looked up to Michael more then Trevor. on top of that. Michael saved franklin he could of clipped him when he broke into his house. He got money and got him out of the ghetto. In a big mansion in Vinewood Hills and then after all this he betrays Michael? Makes no sense. Just my opinion, I just feel that Ending B makes 0 sense it doesn’t fit.
Calvin Burgos
Calvin Burgos 18 часов назад
Whos wins a gunfight niko michael treavor or franklin
Jayden Anderson
Jayden Anderson 18 часов назад
I went to the sheriffs office and Joaquin was already there in the cell