Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas 13 часов назад
Fauci will love them. Wear two masks 😷 awesome !
João MartinZ
João MartinZ 13 часов назад
they're inside: 😄😁😂😅🥳😆🙃🙂😜🤪😅😄😃😀😝🎉
John Hancock
John Hancock 13 часов назад
permadi fauza
permadi fauza 14 часов назад
😑 hi afghan people and taliban, if Alloh angry to all humans you all must come back to Alloh .. not the others !!! 👉 ALL MUSLIMS ARE BROTHERS AND FORGIVE EACH OTHER
James Wolfe
James Wolfe 14 часов назад
Young lion - bring back Afghanistan to the Afghans.
Abdullah Nadim
Abdullah Nadim 14 часов назад
طالبان مرحبا
Allan Adams
Allan Adams 14 часов назад
This religion…..Islam,is the problem all over the world.See how people are been secured while farming.I thought hunters go in search of the Islamic bandits and Islamic terrorist groups.
Engineer Munim
Engineer Munim 14 часов назад
What is the reason of fire
S Hussein
S Hussein 14 часов назад
In my country of Somalia the uae and kenyan funded terrorists have been reduced to only 10% of the country. Our Somali National Army is resurgent. But Somalia is easy flat country. Afghanistan is highly mountainous. Many valleys, canyons. Hiding places. The worst possible terrain to fight in.
ROGER B-D-R 16 часов назад
Maikl Тритон
Maikl Тритон 16 часов назад
Ukrainian President Zelensky will soon arrive in the United States and will demand from President Biden to stop Nord Stream -2
Kayo 16 часов назад
All it takes to change their minds is a pizza😭or is this one of those fake news?
Open Their Eyes
Open Their Eyes 17 часов назад
The appeal to authority rather than presenting real evidence. That's modern-day scientism.
P K 17 часов назад
Vera level im தமிழ்
FenriZz 18 часов назад
When the drink costs 0.99 but you only have 0.98:
Danny Doornbos
Danny Doornbos 18 часов назад
BBB ?! You OWN nothing and will be happy ?! Okay Lets Go to Monaco with our brothers and Sisters from Afrika and all over The world to get million dollar boat OR a yacht and Enjoy it ✌️🌎🍀✊. No more elite nor super elite , only happy people living a long and with eachother 😍☀️💙❤️🏛
SVK 18 часов назад
"QATAR :SAFE HEAVEN FOR TALIBAN ":- Taliban appear to have made Qatar their "Operations Head quarters !".20+ Talibani commanders stay there ! Controlling the conflict via satellite connectivity. Why?😾 USA should inform Qatar to make sure Talibani leadership exit their country immediately👺
shahid khan
shahid khan 18 часов назад
Fack filmi shuting vedio
ImranTariq Rana
ImranTariq Rana 18 часов назад
commando about to surrender
msj countdown
msj countdown 19 часов назад
Denzel Yt
Denzel Yt 19 часов назад
permadi fauza
permadi fauza 19 часов назад
😑 hi afghan people and taliban, if Alloh angry to all humans you all must come back to Alloh .. not the others !! 👉 ALL MUSLIMS ARE BROTHERS AND FORGIVE EACH OTHERS
pat murphy
pat murphy 19 часов назад
oh jes suis le france la pour amour enfant terrible
V 19 часов назад
Propaganda as usual
IBRAHIM BIN NGAH Fab 19 часов назад
We pray to Allah to help those who seek to establish the kingdom of Allah in this world. May Allah destroy the enemy of Allah. The enemy of Allah are those who take evil forces of USA as their protector. As for believer Allah is our protector and only Allah we submit to and that is the only way to paradise.
Rajai Arrasheed
Rajai Arrasheed 19 часов назад
As you remember that tragedic event ,rembmer the Mossad Israeli intelligent agency agents who were ready with thier cameras and shooting the scene even before it had happened ...were dancing , singing and clapping while the attacks were on action. That event which the innocent american civilians and millions others of muslims paid and are still paying thier lifes for absolutely NOTHING !
eduardo sampoia
eduardo sampoia 19 часов назад
China rules...go China.
pookie crooks
pookie crooks 19 часов назад
La falta de literatura y educación teológica te lleva a creer en estas falsedades!
Off Ru
Off Ru 19 часов назад
Вот дураки такую прекрасную страну с прекрасним народом превратили в ад на земле . Афганистан при правельном и грамотном управление и хорошие связи с внешним миром становится региональним державой это не нравится Пакистану. Пакистан всегда палки в колес ставят у афганцев. Им надо вышвирнут талибов с афганистана и закрит граници с пакистанам .
Shankly 20 часов назад
Good job Poland
TheSparxEffect 20 часов назад
"Cry unbearably, or get sent to prison & face eventual execution." - North Korean General -
Pasang Dolma
Pasang Dolma 20 часов назад
Ronald Brunelle
Ronald Brunelle 20 часов назад
20 years here and STILL DOESN'T SPEAK ENGLISH??? All the stuff you got with your hard work you can take with you if you leave LEGALLY. If you are removed?? You will lose everything!!
Ronald Brunelle
Ronald Brunelle 20 часов назад
Booooooo hoooooooo!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rakesh Pindawala
Rakesh Pindawala 20 часов назад
But...prophet.....mohamed(saw) never told you to become orangutan..............prophet..Mohammed
Gamers Spot
Gamers Spot 20 часов назад
fake hindu religion
Nick Reyven Torrillo
Nick Reyven Torrillo 21 час назад
Kim II Sung Death (1994) Kim Jong Il (2011) There The Greatest Founder Leader In World...😇😇😇
Irish Claire Miranda
Irish Claire Miranda 21 час назад
me and my best friend could never be in this situation. we laugh by just looking at each other
Teofilo Mina
Teofilo Mina 21 час назад
Gogo afghan government commando..defeat taliban.
Jah Mah
Jah Mah 21 час назад
It's obvious no one has a scooby doo what's really going on, the question I would like to ask is why are we still doing the damage when we know what we are doing is obviously wrong?
Black flag Warrior of Allah
Black flag Warrior of Allah 21 час назад
Taliban zindabad Our victory is near 😍😍😍
Bruno Melvin
Bruno Melvin 21 час назад
Well done Afghanistan. We all with Afghanistan government and Afghanistan people. Surely you will win and will be able to destroy the terrorist forign forces Taliban. Keep destroying the Taliban in a daily basis. (Don't release Taliban terrorist from your Jails.) Until all Taliban fighters fully eliminated. Taliban wins they will masscare all people who were against them. So only way out is to kill all Taliban in a daily basis. Don't trust them. They are the enemies of humanity. Enemy of the world. From INDIA.
victor villanueva
victor villanueva 21 час назад
arm good assult rifle,if all troops arm of machine gun, they depend thier cities to the intruder very well .
Ralph 21 час назад
Elizabeth Linsay
Elizabeth Linsay 21 час назад
I blinked and I missed it?
claire white
claire white 22 часа назад
Agenda 2030 You will own nothing and be happy WEF
More Plates No Dates
More Plates No Dates 22 часа назад
Tonkin De Piastre
Tonkin De Piastre 22 часа назад
pagan box worship and anti-christ follower
Dawnetta M. Debow
Dawnetta M. Debow 22 часа назад
Claudya 22 часа назад
FOLLOW ME 🔞 _----p---o---r---n--------s---e---x----_ CHOOSE YOUR DREAM GIRL💕 !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾
Aayushmaan Barochia
Aayushmaan Barochia 22 часа назад
Court be like: dude thats awesome
Jamudian 23 часа назад
What happened to the army?
Save the Earth
Save the Earth 23 часа назад
Human slaughtering of animals caused coronavirus, be kind to animals
Cristian Bianchi 🧱
Cristian Bianchi 🧱 23 часа назад
Even animals knows vaccines are not good
James Jones
James Jones 23 часа назад
In case anyone with Communist China is checking out comments you know where you can go. We will deal with the virus you unleashed on the world.
Esther Deguerre
Esther Deguerre 23 часа назад
I can't say anything regarding this situation because I am Haitian and my partner is Italian-American who happens to be an FBI agent as well.
Dawit День назад
those militias are going to tigray for theilr funeral.
Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee День назад
No body in Thailand wants him. He and his party is extremely corrupted and incompetent, enjoying our taxes on the tears, blood and corpses of the Thai citizens. We Thai people has to import the vaccines ourselves, because our priminister only wants to import Sinovac which will only provide us with 3-4months of immunity at best, and none at all for the new covid variants. Every 90 minutes 1 Thai person committed suicide on average as of now. We can see people die on the streets a lot of children became orphans because their parents died due to covid. The government came out to say that “we will SACRIFICE 3 months of our salary” when they have corrupted away over 30,000,000,000 baht and borrowed about100,000,000,000 Baht which has been used to buy weapons instead of investing in the vaccines and sustaining lock down while ensuring people have enough to eat. Only about 37 ventilators were purchased for 70million Thai citizens. The budget of 10,000,000,000 baht issued for urgent pandemic relief was only used 3%, the rest god knows where.
iMuZam День назад
Let's analyze the situation in a theory: the game has been played; the damage has been done. The majority of people have been vaccinated. In the future, I am afraid our children would be slaves to the authorities who have invented new methods to enslave the citizens. They knew to control the people the only fear they need to create is illness along with death. Systematically, it was imposed: First death which feared the people; lockdowns which made people vulnerable, helpless, mentally unstable, and financially weak; vaccines were made and introduced along with the slogan of no compulsion so that people could not react; and now as they feel they are getting success, they are forcing people to get inoculated if they want to get out of their house as they know people would not go to lockdowns again, so let's compel them to get jabs for entering hospitals, restaurants, governments' buildings which means there is no way but our way. It's a new form of slavery, obedience, surrendering, and submission. I don't think that a common man in the street is able to go against the power as he or she has family, children, loans, debts, and necessities as restrictions have already pushed him or her to the edge. No one knows the truth. They are in the process of making a world in which they just want us to wear happy faces no matter what calamity is inflicted on us as any other emotion is an alarm to the authorities. There is a chance that governments are on the right side of history, but the reality cries something else. Now maybe people have recognized the circle is being tightened, and this is their last opportunity to react or be doomed for good. There are many other diseases that kill people every day, but there is no mention of those. People die in accidents, but no revelations of such cases. The only emphasis is on viruses. Vaccines take years to make and then more years to rigorously test them before usage on patients. Well, my theory could be amiss. I am open to otherwise. Thank you for reading. Any feedback will be appreciated.
Sigit Nugroho Hadi
Sigit Nugroho Hadi День назад
So amazing... subarashi...
Stephen Bailey
Stephen Bailey День назад
Return them to Libya or how about letting them stay on the ship.
mathieu C
mathieu C День назад
support from france ! dont give aussies !
Reformistpasha День назад
Our incapable government fucked up
Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô День назад
I wonder if the same Trump supporters also pay their respects to the cops that were injured and/or died during this insurrection.
Glaive День назад
Snails are beautiful
Rama Bary Baratha
Rama Bary Baratha День назад
France is a jokes. Change my mind.
Rama Bary Baratha
Rama Bary Baratha День назад
France is country of jokes. Change my mind.
Omid Hope
Omid Hope День назад
I am from Herat living in US god bless my brother and sister in Afg