Returnal: The Final Preview
3 часа назад
Oculus Gaming Showcase Livestream
MLB The Show 21 Review
День назад
Ricky 11 секунд назад
Demon hunters?? Wtf did you just say.Your opinion is automatically revoked by default smh.The title says it right there"DEMON SLAYER" how did you miss that.
Funk Machine909
Funk Machine909 17 секунд назад
looks like jedi fallen order
himynameischrisAVA 31 секунду назад
Is Robocop in this?
Muhammad Rizqy Adrian
Muhammad Rizqy Adrian 42 секунды назад
Please dont be a cash grab game
Over Heated EsKim0
Over Heated EsKim0 54 секунды назад
So it wasn't even a nuke you could watch in game. Just cut scene weak asf
Jack Tilley
Jack Tilley 56 секунд назад
Thanks mate this really helps
jason turtle
jason turtle Минуту назад
And when the update for 4k hrd ps4 pro !?
Superlative CG
Superlative CG Минуту назад
The fun never stops.
Clash TM
Clash TM Минуту назад
Don't you guys have phones?
Maikerati Минуту назад
Not a big fan of timeloops especially when the environment all looks the same. It would get tiring looking at the same aesthetics over and over again. Aslo there are gates in every corner WTH
aufa musyaffa
aufa musyaffa Минуту назад
Let’s go boys!!
No One
No One Минуту назад
What if its September 10, 2022?
kak_has_eyes Минуту назад
D-did they just try to make MODOK, as silly as he is....into a relatable and funny villain? *Well sign me up then*
Ross Dixon
Ross Dixon 2 минуты назад
hope there is a japanese language option did not like kaines potty mouth in the original.
Александр Веденичев
Александр Веденичев 2 минуты назад
Я не понял, мустанги участвовали в битве за Британию?
The Mr. Jones Show
The Mr. Jones Show 2 минуты назад
Is that my boy Phil LaMarr of Samurai Jack fame??
Eshan thegreat
Eshan thegreat 2 минуты назад
Hearing a regenerator and footsteps of verdeugo would be scary
Alex Purrazzi
Alex Purrazzi 3 минуты назад
Definitely amazing
Alejandro Pérez
Alejandro Pérez 3 минуты назад
Omg Im very surprised with this
Iszel Iszel
Iszel Iszel 3 минуты назад
This reminds me a robot Chicken
Garry s
Garry s 3 минуты назад
Vermintide is cool, darktide is coming, now please another game like this but let us play as the “bad” character instead, let us kill & raid the human & elves !!
Lettuce God
Lettuce God 3 минуты назад
I’m curious about how this will tie in with the rest of the MCU. I’m very excited to see it tho. Looks great from the trailer.
El Foia negrazas
El Foia negrazas 3 минуты назад
We wanted RE4 remake not this selfish , lazy crap
TheOtaku26 3 минуты назад
Now on the ps4 honestly looks better
Imran Sadiq
Imran Sadiq 4 минуты назад
I'll definitely try it our when my PS5 2030
Pokéwood Theater
Pokéwood Theater 4 минуты назад
So marvel’s harlequin
TomTubesYou 4 минуты назад
Either pick just one subtitle or don't have any.
Ryan Shamim
Ryan Shamim 4 минуты назад
That. Was. Fuckin. Fiyaaa
Brad Ward Fight
Brad Ward Fight 4 минуты назад
You look like Mario today Syd
Sovan Pattnaik
Sovan Pattnaik 5 минут назад
So Amy Santiago and Fire Marshall Boone are in a show together again.... Ah NOINE NOINE....
Dbzmans 5 минут назад
Hell yeah!! Just have to wait a few years before they decide to go into beta testing
TheSuperKingDan 5 минут назад
Thanks Samurai Jack
LEarNitEasy 5 минут назад
Now where's the resident evil 4 remake trailer?
pikachu mito 2
pikachu mito 2 5 минут назад
This is robot chicken marvel version lol
Wingus Bill
Wingus Bill 5 минут назад
ya cool but mordhau already exists
sm v
sm v 5 минут назад
this dude is always sketching in his movies.
Alberto De Jesus
Alberto De Jesus 5 минут назад
Damn they’re spending a lot of money making sure we “like” this game
434444334 5 минут назад
this looks like a parody show
RyU and BoBa
RyU and BoBa 5 минут назад
Cant wait. Two more days guys!!!!! How bout you?!
RyU and BoBa
RyU and BoBa 2 минуты назад
@TheCricketer15 OMG luckyy!!!!!
TheCricketer15 3 минуты назад
It’s out already in AU lol. Watched it last night.
bobby Seasons
bobby Seasons 5 минут назад
Do people fall playing Vr?? and walk into things?? lol.
Boo 5 минут назад
Hope they remake all the Pokémon games
Kevin Saeteurn
Kevin Saeteurn 5 минут назад
The chick is cute
Mason chill out!
Mason chill out! 6 минут назад
This got me SO HYPED
Logan Tackett
Logan Tackett 6 минут назад
Ahhhhh, I’ll buy it at a high price
Dr. Donkey
Dr. Donkey 6 минут назад
This looks great, but for 90 dollars Canadian the game box better gain sentience and start fuckin' blowing me on drive home.
STER Gaming
STER Gaming 6 минут назад
Oh boy! More characters to rule34 with!
Siput Hijau
Siput Hijau 6 минут назад
Wait what
INf3cT3d 6 минут назад
They freaking did it they came back...
Pankaj Kumar Prasad
Pankaj Kumar Prasad 6 минут назад
Marvel fan but, not interested
Henry Jiménez
Henry Jiménez 6 минут назад
Wtf and disney+?!
Gambello 7 минут назад
Whats with these random word generator game names?
Pato C
Pato C 7 минут назад
So... Jake and Amy's son is Modok? Cool
bobby Seasons
bobby Seasons 7 минут назад
somebody says, "..that's. just.. not ok." LMFAO.
yunan the observer
yunan the observer 7 минут назад
"The universe is magnificient, isn't it?" You can hear the innocent smile in his voice.
warlockguy42 7 минут назад
Quest 2?? Yuck.
Na Man
Na Man 7 минут назад
Didn't apex do this already
NoGame NoLife
NoGame NoLife 7 минут назад
Love how it doesn't even show the real villain here.
Bob Barker
Bob Barker 7 минут назад
You guys don’t have phones?!?
dr Ivo robotnik News and reviews
dr Ivo robotnik News and reviews 7 минут назад
Modok is Literally played by Ben Schwartz
Gambello 8 минут назад
Whaaat noo who could've known...
Jr Tongol
Jr Tongol 8 минут назад
If this graphics happens to be the new remake of diamond pearl. That couldve been the best.
Gourav Pal
Gourav Pal 8 минут назад
Any School And College Student Here.......
Mrin moyee
Mrin moyee 8 минут назад
Can't wait. Games movies and unlimited Sony tv serials from Sony tv
Rizki FUHRER 8 минут назад
Map Alcatraz nightmare
Joshua Haydon
Joshua Haydon 8 минут назад
My man Jaxx!!!
ツpie579 8 минут назад
This looks great tbh
blueheat22 8 минут назад
Is this not Diablo 3 repackaged whit a new name ... Where's Diablo 4
Vampirichalo58 the gamer
Vampirichalo58 the gamer 8 минут назад
Ebunaii 9 минут назад
Что-нибудь отличное от д3 будет?
DJ eMo
DJ eMo 9 минут назад
Kano was greatly OP in the first game although raiden is the daddy in most
白髪りす 9 минут назад
"Is this an out of season....."
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 9 минут назад
Saque V Jr Amilbahar
Saque V Jr Amilbahar 9 минут назад
Modok voice sounds like the dog in secret life of pets
Trevion Jackson
Trevion Jackson 9 минут назад
Xbox got pooped on for going the entertainment route and Sony was yelling games🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yellowjacket 10 минут назад
Nice! We're probably getting a classic Wonder Man marvel legends now!