LORDLANKY 2 часа назад
Pp still care about this whiny guy? lol
Tai Cozy
Tai Cozy 2 часа назад
How do you put him over CP3
steve clapper
steve clapper 2 часа назад
This wasn't a foul it was assault.
Drew Duenas
Drew Duenas 2 часа назад
Is Jokic the best Center in the NBA now or are we still waiting for Embiid to fall off?
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran 2 часа назад
A better comparison: magic Johnson vs Lebrun James both of them play the same style of basketball
Working Man
Working Man 2 часа назад
There was never a debate if MJ was better than someone else during the same era, or not. Lebron has gone through this comparison literally every year of his career.
Jonathan Chaoul
Jonathan Chaoul 2 часа назад
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh 2 часа назад
Players like Russ are ruining the NBA
Working Man
Working Man 2 часа назад
Lebron has lost in the Olympics. Something people seem to forget.
ALL WHITE AF1S 3 часа назад
Skip said raw, hard, gut check ?💀
Darrin Nunyah
Darrin Nunyah 3 часа назад
If Jerry Jones wants to wins, he should have drafted a GM.
raheim cumberbatch
raheim cumberbatch 3 часа назад
Colin Duhart
Colin Duhart 3 часа назад
“From here to here”😂👋
Robert Dearteaga
Robert Dearteaga 3 часа назад
Shannon is a very smart guy - 100% correct
Denise Kirk
Denise Kirk 3 часа назад
Lamelo ball will have the better career
Ransom Boondox
Ransom Boondox 3 часа назад
Shannon is a hater.... how he put LB in front of MJ...but can't put Westbrook in front of Magic
knulifebasketball 3 часа назад
I'm tired of them telling the staff to play something back and we DON'T see it! Wtf...
Kristina H
Kristina H 3 часа назад
Love these three together lol plus Broussarddddd
Mysterio 6996
Mysterio 6996 3 часа назад
Look folks , all The Last Dance shows is how Lebron's NBA career overall on all phases of the game so far has been superior to Jordan's . It shows that Phil Jackson made Jordan's NBA career easy with that Cheat Code Triangle Offense , and those Jordan rules that were stripped by the NBA in the 90's that helped that Bulls cause tremendously towards Championships . Phil didn't want to keep going with that old Bulls team after 98 . Those 96 to 98 Bulls teams were some of the worst shooting NBA Championship teams ever . If it weren't for Rodman Rebounding , making key put backs at a HOF clip , and basically shutting down the Sonics and Jazz best players defensively the Bulls would have lost all 3 of those Finals series . Phil was eyeing that young loaded team in LA led by that copycat Jordan wannabe named Kobe Bryant , to test his Triangle Offense On . Phil ended up winning another 3 peat with Lakers . The truth is Jordan was never interchangable for any other team or system . He couldn't alone go to any other team , and make that a Championship contender overnight . Jordan was too proud anyway to start at the bottom with some team , and get taunted relentlessly by the very teams he was beating with the Bulls in the 90's. Lebron's NBA career is unique and unmatched without HOF Coaching Staffs , a Top 50 player Of All Time team mate , Without mostly HOF teammates , and no innovative Offense / Defensive systems to carry him for 3 teams he has been on so far . Lebron is the only NBA player ever to almost guarantee a Finals MVP for any team he has chosen so far within 2 seasons of joining 3 individual teams 2011 to 2012 Heat / 2015 to 2016 Cavs / 2019 to 2020 Lakers . Jordan can't match that . Lebron will be the only NBA player ever with statues , and his numbers retired for 3 teams . Lebron has been a Player / Head Coach / GM / Player Recruiter / Player Developer his entire NBA career , so he can move to any team he wants and make that team an overnight Championship contender . Jordan never had any of those job title skills , or abilities.
Kai George
Kai George 3 часа назад
When did Brian Scalabrine start smoking rocks?
kwaku oppong
kwaku oppong 3 часа назад
Well Shannon was really objective in this one about not looking to hard at this Bucks win. We know NBA isn’t predictable.
Frodo 3 часа назад
sounds like.......time to retire QUEEN JAMES
Q money
Q money 3 часа назад
Skip and Shannon; are getting hyped into modern context. Russ’s numbers are ringing more true now because he’s winning with a less talented team. Russ does things very few have or can do but don’t forget The Point Guard position is about restraint. We have to admit Russ is getting better and he plays his position; which is why comparing him to Steph is nonsense. BTW Jason Kidd is the Westbrook prototype with 2 chips.
soFoolishMadd 3 часа назад
Skip and Shannon I really dislike when you revisit a highlight off screen. Can we fix in the future Please??
Colin Duhart
Colin Duhart 3 часа назад
I hate they never show the clips skip mentions😂
J W 3 часа назад
No, it's Mac Jones
Sean Dre
Sean Dre 3 часа назад
Westbrook doesn't know how to play winning basketball. He foolishly dominates the ball because he wants a triple double. He wants to be involved in every play. He averaged more rebounds than his center.
Jake From State Farm
Jake From State Farm 3 часа назад
In the no defense allowed era.. what an accomplishment.. derp
Colin Duhart
Colin Duhart 3 часа назад
Yea bucks both games looked good all around!
HUMPINGWOOKIE 3 часа назад
Lol Joel Embiid come to NY?? ughh check the standings MF y'all coming to Phila, Sixers have not lost to the Knicks in like 5 years
athantas 3 часа назад
But no credits to the defense during 4th quarter. Prelast game KD was shut down clearly after Giannis' block on his shot. This time MIddleton did exceptional job on defending him. I agree that KD is the best but he isnt tough. Kyrie isnt tough either. Unless they change their toughness during playoffs, I think Bucks can overtake them.
LuNY2nez 3 часа назад
Nick. You say these stats against Spurs in 2014. Look up the head to head stats when LeBron was guarded by Kawhi, then you will see those stats is the reason why LeBron underperformed
Big 6ixx
Big 6ixx 3 часа назад
Russ not top 5
YRICHSPIRIT 23 3 часа назад
Lamelo of course
David Foster
David Foster 3 часа назад
Nets nation 🙏🏽
Mara Jaded
Mara Jaded 3 часа назад
I would pay to see Sir Charles rip off Skip's head and dribble it.
tylor alexander
tylor alexander 3 часа назад
Rodgers goes to denver. He wont have the chance to get upset with their 1st round picks because they wont have one for 3 years. Hes going to be over 40 by the time they do get one. Mahomes is going to knock them off every year. He will never win another superbowl if he leaves. This isnt like brady and the bucks. Or like manning and the broncos. They have to give up their future to get rodgers. Hes better off finishing out and leaving in 2 years. The broncos can start building now for when hes free and wont have to give up anything.
UMiamiFootball305 3 часа назад
I seriously think y'all should include the video clips of the clips yall be referring to instead of just showing skip turn and look at a tv we can't see
Yankee Suave
Yankee Suave 3 часа назад
Lamelo is the flashiest Passer but Lonzo still the better passer his assist numbers are down cus they treating him like a 2 guard not a point
Mara Jaded
Mara Jaded 3 часа назад
When Gronk and Brady want a new team Skip is smiling ear to ear, when Aaron wants one its time to retire.
Mara Jaded
Mara Jaded 3 часа назад
Aaron is going to the Browns and getting a ring.
Jay Williamson
Jay Williamson 3 часа назад
Y’all thought lavar was cappin
William Ross
William Ross 3 часа назад
Cowboys did pretty well. They reached a few times but also got Cox and others on Day 3
Benjamin R
Benjamin R 3 часа назад
I dont see how Gutekunst is a bad GM. His communication might be bad, but his moves have been very effective. I am mean he built the roster that went from 7-9 and 6-9-1 to 13-3 and 13-3. He hired LeFleur, brought the Smith brothers and Amos in free agency and extended all the star players, except for Linsley. Do people realize there is such a thing as cap space??? The Packers have been exhausting it for the last few years, so how should they get even more star players??? Not possible when Aaron isn't willing to go the Brady route and demand less money. Same goes for Mahomes, his Cap hit is minimal in the first years of his contract.
Greg 3 часа назад
Lion Of Judah
Lion Of Judah 3 часа назад
Skip and Shannon like peanut butter and jelly
Copeboi77 3 часа назад
Magic, luka, Steph, Dame, Ja, AI are all better imo. People get lost in the triple doubles and forget about sheer volume of missed shots and turnovers. He doesn’t fit well with most superstars.
sc23 3 часа назад
This the problem with Lebron.. MJ and Kobe would not be worried about a 9th and 10th seed beating them, thats light work.
The Haitian Way
The Haitian Way 3 часа назад
Lamelo is gonna be an Allstar next season. He doesn’t need to be Lonzo’s age to be an Allstar.
Zingisa Mahlasela
Zingisa Mahlasela 3 часа назад
Besides shooting, what other category is Steph better than Russ in?
Chaoskae 3 часа назад
Green Bay is yet another example of why players should NEVER be “loyal” to teams and fans/media should stop hold players to that standard...
Ben Bengaly Kaba
Ben Bengaly Kaba 3 часа назад
Waiting for gelo now
James Sr.
James Sr. 3 часа назад
CP, Steph, Dame, Kyrie all currently better than Russ...that’s just currently. And arguments can be made for other point guards playing still. Not to mention Nash, Kidd, Stockton, O, Magic, IT
Kyle Ford
Kyle Ford 3 часа назад
Rapaport does nothing but take away from the show what an utter and total joke of a human.
Copeboi77 4 часа назад
I think Russ is one of the most entertaining pg of all time. Russ has a massive impact on the court but it comes with a cost. Russ going to be missing at least 15 shots a night and I can’t have that on my team.
Quinton Cornelius
Quinton Cornelius 4 часа назад
Jordan is the goat!! Point blank period
Tavaris Johnson
Tavaris Johnson 4 часа назад
Didn’t even watch the video and I disliked. Why pit two LITERAL brothers against each other? For views? They’re living out their dreams find a new topic let them live! Distasteful and really highlights the problem with modern day media
I don’t care what Lebron says-HES WRONG.
carlos harris
carlos harris 4 часа назад
American telling your child that he's going to be great. Then he turns out to not be so great and then you blame yourself because you told them that they would be great LOL. I'm so tired of that lame excuse for lonzo