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Gat the Man
Gat the Man 15 часов назад
What's funny is Deadpool actually did made a reaction video.
Julio Nava
Julio Nava 15 часов назад
In stock viet Russia M C's U hahahaha
R Mak
R Mak 15 часов назад
Movie felt like a cartoon. It's amazing that the story chronologically before Black widow was the best movie and Black widow is the worst Marvel movie so far....sigh. This was a real lost opportunity.
Eric Nhero
Eric Nhero 15 часов назад
edc2879 15 часов назад
Casper Van Dien?
Vivien Bresson
Vivien Bresson 16 часов назад
Could we please have Lokiiiiii?
Kaan Yalim
Kaan Yalim 16 часов назад
Sir that's at least 100k
Prajakta Lakade
Prajakta Lakade 16 часов назад
"Aaaaaaabs" XD
Nathan Lucas
Nathan Lucas 16 часов назад
Xcellent Creations
Xcellent Creations 16 часов назад
I can't be the only dude who generally enjoys force awakens despite it's flaws
Adrián Espinosa
Adrián Espinosa 16 часов назад
Could you start making honest trailers of GOOD MOVIES? - or something that we all like to see? I know that you've been bought and now you're only an advertisment youtube channel for blockbuster movies, but hell, if you have the money, do CASABLANCA's hionest trailer, do Eastern Promises, do SOMETHING that's not selling the tussy to hollywood.
Prajakta Lakade
Prajakta Lakade 16 часов назад
"She will kill a lot more dudes with snow than Elsa ever dreamed of" XD
Legendry Scorpion
Legendry Scorpion 16 часов назад
His voice make this all interesting
unretrofied619 16 часов назад
Why is nobody talking about how they spoiled the Taskmaster reveal in the the credits itself???
Da Mc
Da Mc 16 часов назад
"Hi! My name is (What?) "My name is (What?)"🤣
Aaron O'neil
Aaron O'neil 16 часов назад
This movie could've been a lot of fun. It was SO CLOSE to being a lot of fun. But Snyder just can't have than, no sir we're not allowed to get ENJOYMENT out of a movie, we have to make sure it's depressing and nihilistic and kill off every character so absolutely no one wins and nothing is accompished, despite the marketing and half of the movie before and just the premise alone promising something that should actually be, ya know, FUN!!!! Just done with this guy,s movies. He seems like a nice guy and would probably be cool to hang out with, but damn I just can't stand his creative choices or his philosophies.
Gesses 16 часов назад
Just how have you not have done troy by now?
Lisa Holtze
Lisa Holtze 16 часов назад
I've heard of cricket chirps to fill an awkward silence, but the frog 'ribbit' in the silence after Hawkeye rips into Thor was hilarious!
AA-ron 16 часов назад
lol this honest trailer sounds like all the complaints of the new one
Scott Jones
Scott Jones 16 часов назад
This video sucked on so many levels for both sides.
M4A1 16 часов назад
When he says "The most interesting of the two females" he was making a comparison between Leia and Mon Mothma.
Navpreet Mehmi
Navpreet Mehmi 17 часов назад
You missed one, it was supposed to be another 'only for the wamens' movie, but it turned out that THE TASKMASTER was actually played by a MAN. So whenever the girl has her helmet on, it's actually a man acting and doing the stunts.
yash bhatt
yash bhatt 17 часов назад
Loki Honest Trailer!!!!
Rakib Shaharia
Rakib Shaharia 17 часов назад
even the GoT cast had better job security .lmao
PoMaQue 17 часов назад
Anthony Hopkins (and other actors of his caliber) have stated they like working with Bay, because it's just a fun experience during shooting.
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 17 часов назад
Hey hottest trailer can you do the multiverse saga
Brenda Harp
Brenda Harp 17 часов назад
WONDERFUL (*_*) and May God Bless you all
PoMaQue 17 часов назад
While watching Blade Trinity I kept thinking "Man, Ryan Reynolds should play Deadpool, he'd be perfect !" Then he was announced for Wolverine Origins and boy what a rollercoaster of emotions that was. Now, 2 Deadpool movies later, I can rest at ease.
Redway bull
Redway bull 17 часов назад
My hands down favorite part of Star Trek : The Next Generation is towards the end of the series when Picard is off the Enterprise so they have a different captain altogether and Troi tries to give her opinion to him and he asks why she's not in uniform. Then like literally for the rest of the series Troi is always in her uniform even when Picard gets back I just found it hilarious that she got in trouble with her boss over her uniform like honestly the most relatable part of NG if you ask me.
Serdar Aytemiz
Serdar Aytemiz 17 часов назад
One of the best movies ever and one with the greatest humour of all time :) Too bad the new world can not handle it :p
Leticia Karina Moscat
Leticia Karina Moscat 17 часов назад
Ariurotl 17 часов назад
Joke's on you, I will never shut up about The Wire.
Uncanny Valley
Uncanny Valley 18 часов назад
They spelt Money Laundering* wrong
Cancun771 18 часов назад
Instantly forgettable garbage.
Terrance Toth
Terrance Toth 18 часов назад
No Steve? Hello?
The Fab Aj
The Fab Aj 18 часов назад
Black widow was an origion story, But not of Natasha.
Queenie Rose
Queenie Rose 18 часов назад
I just noticed that the mom has a Karen hair cut lol
Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez 18 часов назад
At least Sony and Disney make the deal back and decided to make Spider-Man no way home
Yosef Demby
Yosef Demby 18 часов назад
2:18 Yup.
Bharadwaj VS
Bharadwaj VS 18 часов назад
Please do LOKI
Darth Stryk
Darth Stryk 18 часов назад
I thought these were supposed to be funny? I mean, they normally pick apart what's wrong with the movie while being funny but this is more just picking apart what's wrong with the movie.
solesurvivor5 19 часов назад
At least the original had the guts to pick an actual undisputed victor.
Beste Karabıyık Akman
Beste Karabıyık Akman 19 часов назад
Tom McDaniel71
Tom McDaniel71 19 часов назад
Grogu RULES all
Adam 19 часов назад
Jack Maurice
Jack Maurice 19 часов назад
Falcon and the winter soldier are two of my favorite people in the MCU, and my favorite pare. Also I love Hawkeye. Before the shows
Dao 996
Dao 996 19 часов назад
3:43 damn did you just predicted the title of the third movie?
Ditto 73
Ditto 73 19 часов назад
The "Ercole backstory movie" joke slays me every time someone makes it.
Vedant Patil
Vedant Patil 19 часов назад
Bojack Horseman , do it now.
diogo Peixoto
diogo Peixoto 20 часов назад
See I don't even need to watch it now
Jei Marbañiang
Jei Marbañiang 20 часов назад
This ref pales in comparison to the refs in Shaolin Soccer 😂
Chayenne Thomas
Chayenne Thomas 20 часов назад
How did the lead get the role? He must be someone’s son or sleeping with the producer lol
Pro Ant
Pro Ant 20 часов назад
When are we gonna get a Loki trailer?
Ashar Hasnain
Ashar Hasnain 20 часов назад
环球观中国 20 часов назад
All time favorite
margareth michelina
margareth michelina 20 часов назад
If you think this movie is bad, watch Netflix version created by Kevin Smith
TyKs_29 plays
TyKs_29 plays 20 часов назад
I dont have a problem with this movies except one thing Taskmaster: enough said The costume design i dont like it doesnt fit with the og suit, And taskmaster a confirmed male character in the marvel universe is a women Why, out of all the villians to either name or gender changed they slandered my favourite
Mister Moreto
Mister Moreto 21 час назад
"And a very emotional Michael Caine." Yup never gets old.
sunita thind
sunita thind 21 час назад
I loved this movie hehe 😜
Tamzid Rahman
Tamzid Rahman 21 час назад
the most powerful force "girl power" HAS FALLEN into the wrong hands
KoolaidGio 21 час назад
Do the office
thereflex101 21 час назад
“Le Padme” is fucking gold 😂😂
The Vercetti Family
The Vercetti Family 22 часа назад
This is so accurate.
Prieur Du Plessis
Prieur Du Plessis 22 часа назад
"How Estella got her cruel back"
Anjan Das
Anjan Das 22 часа назад
Plese say "ahh tiktok videos are poison to my eye stomachs"
Markus Sundelin
Markus Sundelin 22 часа назад
I actually Like Predator 2
bashenga the black manta
bashenga the black manta 22 часа назад
For us it was to late for this movie but for the future generation its not, they will ha e the option to watch black widow before infinity war and endgame
Slaze 22 часа назад
We need more hosts like this
Ax Tagran
Ax Tagran 22 часа назад
NO U Shrek forever after is not bad
Jawsjawsjawsrg 22 часа назад
I stopped watching after they pulled the gun agenda garbage.
Nilesh Das
Nilesh Das 22 часа назад
DeSaad is assistant to the regional manager or assistant regional manager?
Daniel Leon
Daniel Leon 22 часа назад
Fortnite of cards or something
Zentaya 22 часа назад
After we learned what Joss Whedon was making the JL cast have to do, I don’t think anyone will want to give him a hug
Slaze 22 часа назад
The shittier the movie, the better the honest trailer
rilla46 22 часа назад
Taskmaster could have been epic
Richard Coterie
Richard Coterie 22 часа назад
Super Siri 😂
Chris Kelly
Chris Kelly 23 часа назад
the original Men in Black…the last good film Will Smith did