Cadi 11 часов назад
Yeonmi is more intelligent than all the politicians and others put together. An amazing women with a huge heart💗
EDWARD LUM Sian Ming 11 часов назад
This is to usher in the new world order. To bad
A Battle
A Battle 11 часов назад
She has such in depth knowledge of the machinations of the politics and zeitgeist in France. Particularly interesting are her thoughts on Macron's ideas about the EU. " ... the EU compact is a good, right and beautiful thing, somewhere between politics, ideology and religion.". This encapsulates the reasons the UK decided to leave. We joined the EU as a trading partnership - not for the over arching control that the EU wants every country to adhere to.
Taylor Trinity
Taylor Trinity 12 часов назад
DATME: -p-o-r-n--s-e-x----۞ !💖🖤❤️#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです! #この日のライブ配信は、 #かならりやばかったですね! #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑) #やっぱり人参最高! #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾
Campbell Mac diarmid
Campbell Mac diarmid 15 часов назад
Sebastian Wendl
Sebastian Wendl 18 часов назад
"Decisively": 55 / 45 Yeah, well... THAT is not, what decisively means.
Burueana Silviu Felix
Burueana Silviu Felix 18 часов назад
The reporter avoided the topic "La Republique est moi" and so did Anne-Elisabeth Moutet who had the chance to develop at least a little, especially when her elaborate answer pointed out that the French are lovers of satire and have a long tradition.
B Hok
B Hok 20 часов назад
Haha people STILL believe this crap
Poppy Moon
Poppy Moon День назад
Rule Britannia
Rule Britannia День назад
We’ve lost
Shaun Lewia
Shaun Lewia День назад
war is coming to our streets
Dean Unknown
Dean Unknown День назад
This should of been work done by the property developers before the sale this is disgusting, it seems this is acting like Dubai they build and run away quickly if things happen
Doso777 День назад
There is no "EU law", there is only UK law.
Red Toptic
Red Toptic День назад
getting this and the FUTURE JABS does not protect anyone
Jaco Meintjes
Jaco Meintjes День назад
Really looking forward to this week's episode. I'm sure Brian nor his guests will blaming the officiating. Ok, I'll admit maybe I'm not that sure.
T. P.
T. P. День назад
Very ignorant, bad propaganda video, shame!
Hong Kong Phooey
Hong Kong Phooey 2 дня назад
Loved Brian on the winning Australian tour of 89. Great team. Captained by the hard as granite Finley Calder.
Emilio Georgiou
Emilio Georgiou 2 дня назад
I destroyed my social life and failed school hard because of homeschooling and not able to see folks. And they still blame ous for every problem
A McDonald
A McDonald 2 дня назад
Gibraltar, Iceland See MASSIVE Covid Spike Despite Over 90% of Population Vaccinated
craig david
craig david 2 дня назад
My eyes deceiving me? Telegraph actually posting some truth at last? Must of forgot to drink their Kool aid today.
Poll2 Dock
Poll2 Dock 2 дня назад
Medical coercion is the most vile invasion
RR PLAN C 2 дня назад
Did someone forget to disable comments again?
RR PLAN C 2 дня назад
Lady in red deception code.
RR PLAN C 2 дня назад
Not just young people.. All people.
James P
James P 2 дня назад
Factual, Truthful and Refreshing.
Evidence Based Health
Evidence Based Health 2 дня назад
Just read that "ethical vegans" are set to be exempt from having to take the double vaccine or being forced too by employers due to their imaginary new age woo woo beliefs. How lucky of everyone to pander to "ethical veganism" once again, yet individuals who have genuine safety concerns regarding the vaccines or the lack of long-term safety data are hysterically branded as "anti-vaxxers". I'll just claim its against my religious beliefs also to take the vaccine, whatever imaginary belief system that I decide to make up as I'm going along.
Free Muslim
Free Muslim 2 дня назад
when insulting islam and the prophet its ok. but when making fun of him it is not ok. hypocrites double standard
John Datsun
John Datsun 2 дня назад
It's all part of the agenda. The EU have been planning vaccine passports since at least 2018 and now they've created their own 'Green Pass'. All these countries around the world bringing in this control system and segregation is some coincidence.
klila16 2 дня назад
I really do have to say I disagree strongly when it comes to affordable healthcare. I grew up in a country with healthcare that is capitalist and democratic. Americans still die from lack of healthcare or go to debtors prison to pay off their medical bills. Other countries in the west are not like America and I haven’t had a lot of these experiences.
BSA 2 дня назад
Merci Madame, macron the coronazi needs to be stopped! a real danger for the French Nation! FREXIT
Bill Turner
Bill Turner 2 дня назад
Wonderful interview However she need not be so sensitive about the British opinion of France we Brits love France we love the people we love the culture we love the food that's why we are always there 😊 Mockery is a form of flattery it shows what's really on the mond And France is never far away if your British. Never confuse leaving the EU with leaving Europe.
D C 2 дня назад
About time the British Government got a touch of the French Resistance back at them.
Kane Reeves
Kane Reeves 3 дня назад
Brilliant piece 👏
Peter Hewitt
Peter Hewitt 3 дня назад
Macron does have the touch of the Sir Jimmy Saviles about him..
Original Muzik Productions
Original Muzik Productions 3 дня назад
This should be banned to even be brought up what a joke every mp should be against this it’s so insane!
A Y 3 дня назад
I want to see the French go utterly ballistic next week when they try to enforce the new Covid pass. The indirect benefit of it is that it will help scare Boris Johnson off doing the same thing here.
MrAwrsomeness День назад
I want violence on the French revolution level, because that's what its gonna take, enough of the peaceful bullshit, Media will spin it as violent either way.
DARIO MARCHESI 2 дня назад
Not gonna lie I can see cubs getting rushed by punters or festivals rushed, because if there is no way to get in then I can guarantee people will just force their way in.
riptorn 3 дня назад
Fight back
Rain Dog
Rain Dog 3 дня назад
Curryduds 3 дня назад
I remember when people like me, predicted this type of dictatorship, digital surveillance of your entire life, what, when and where..yet we were called conspiracy theorists and idiots..
Ric Edmond
Ric Edmond 3 дня назад
I was wondering where this fellow had got to. He’s a good interviewer.
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson 3 дня назад
There are all sorts of reasons why young people would want to get themselves vaccinated although none of them have anything to do with covid.
S. Bau
S. Bau 3 дня назад
Louisa Rose
Louisa Rose 3 дня назад
Louisa Rose
Louisa Rose 3 дня назад
rose fiend
rose fiend 3 дня назад
She understands France. A gem.
rose fiend
rose fiend 3 дня назад
She understands France.
Frank Jaeger
Frank Jaeger 3 дня назад
Obsessively abusing the Telegraph's paywall brought me here. Too bad it's public, kinda numbs my sense of achievement.
Paul Odonnell
Paul Odonnell 3 дня назад
Watching with rose tinted glasses quite literally
pablo hamas
pablo hamas 3 дня назад
Facts- nice to see some media outlets are open to the opposition of covid passports
Carl Dodd
Carl Dodd 3 дня назад
It simply not true that Islamic terror attack have not impacted the UK, though discourse remains limited. What is true is that the French secular model highlights sectarian issues more clearly.
IZ2bSA80 2 дня назад
@A.J Oh but they did admit that multiculturalism has been a complete failure, Merkel in 2010, 2015 and 2019, Cameron and Sarkozy in 2011, Macron in 2019. They say that but keep doing everything they can to make sure everything keeps on going like it always did.
Fossa 2 дня назад
@A.J Why don’t they work?
Fossa 3 дня назад
Macron has double standards, he believes in freedom of speech/expression against Muslims only.
Eric Ellithorpe
Eric Ellithorpe 3 дня назад
Old guys stuck in the past!
Mr Van
Mr Van 3 дня назад
The West is becoming more communist by the day
nexterstopproductions 3 дня назад
Well people can't do everything they want to do!? People will get into trouble when it's very dangerous!?
nexterstopproductions 3 дня назад
I'm not getting this vaccines!
I Kenn Di Polux
I Kenn Di Polux 3 дня назад
We Croats will suport the Scots in the fight for independence!!!
Nicholson 3 дня назад
An union where only England decide everything,Scotland dont decide nothing ,only tory
Buffalo Puppy
Buffalo Puppy 3 дня назад
Our leaders shouldn’t be that small
Paul Makin
Paul Makin 3 дня назад
Good video. Barely hearing this argument
The Pict
The Pict 3 дня назад
Harrison Hepburn
Harrison Hepburn 3 дня назад
Exactly it’s force trying to run down democracy and accuse the young of being selfish
kieran tierney
kieran tierney 3 дня назад
This has made me like the telegraph
Susan Appleby
Susan Appleby 3 дня назад
Got both shots and have my passport scanner thingie now. Date nights back on. Just get the stupid jab guys. I was antivax but its the lesser of two evils I think.
w s
w s 3 дня назад
Most of the people aren’t antivax, just the COVID jab. Maybe if the government and the media stopped using terms like this for propaganda and actually showed understanding … there may be less hesitancy.Grouping everyone who’s hesitant as antivaxx makes the hesitancy worse. Also if they answered proper questions instead of silly ones like “does the vaccine have a microchip” they might see a change.
Phe21 3 дня назад
Lol ok 👌
David Mccormick
David Mccormick 3 дня назад
I speaking to older wise guy other day. N he said next generation will be same as when we got our t b jab. It was just a ten minute thing for us then back to life etc. I reckon same for next generation with vaccine etc. Im 41 so middleage or even older generation now not younger generation. Im resisting the change. This is the scary thing about growing old even at 40s. The younger n next generation this will be nothing to them no fear hesitation etc. Same as when we had tb jab. At the time tb seemed serious past generations etc.
Divine Truth1
Divine Truth1 3 дня назад
The telegraph a communist newspaper that does one story per year telling the truth about this scam.
Elaine K
Elaine K 3 дня назад
Without the old, will there be the young? This presenter has to learn to be less self-absorbed, self-centred, self-entitled and self-deserving. When she is an old lady, she would want the young to go for vaccination to protect herself from the virus.
Elaine K
Elaine K День назад
@Xcretion 🙄🙄🙄 unbelievable.
Xcretion День назад
When she is an old lady, she would be proud for fighting for our freedom
Elaine K
Elaine K 3 дня назад
Did the young people give up as much as the older ones who have had done much more for their loved ones and the countries, especially those who have gone through wars, calamities and financial crises, to provide for the young?
Xcretion День назад
And did they give it all up just for us to loose free will? Isn’t that what my grandparents fought for, for freedom?
D C 3 дня назад
Worst Government in decades.
Brenda Hines
Brenda Hines 3 дня назад
I agree completely.
Oze Ezo
Oze Ezo 3 дня назад
There does not seem to be much argument, just whining.
The Blog.
The Blog. 3 дня назад
agreed. them up nogood those beolegicalical lab people. I heard to people talking. them big community like to take over. one national ID and per person will stamp tracking number. one government to all over the world. one religion only. that bit scary. we already in control now. those beolegicalical lab them create virant them plandemic not accident virant. I hope so police investigate. target to have travel vaccine covid passport. hmp smells fishy. 🤭🙏😑👀😔
Stacey Wilson
Stacey Wilson 3 дня назад
This is stupid and irresponsible...
Dragophonix 3 дня назад
Oh well at least there isn't a ban on going to the shop like other countries 😂
Iamfearitself 3 дня назад
Those of us who suffer with agrophobia don't go out, and personally don't answer the door to anyone and always order food. So Vaccine or no Vaccine I don't have contact with anyone so I'm within my rights to say no been self isolating since 2018 🙄
EdgyNumber1 3 дня назад
Lol... ffs THIS IS HILARIOUS. The world moved on, these dinosaurs didn't. I studied engineering at uni and I know both. However, I wouldn't dare dream of using UK or even US Imperial for modem applications - In fact, American engineers also moved away from imperial. Adapt, or die. A no news story. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Roy 4 дня назад
Totally agree - disgusting pathetic Government
Starmer's Barber
Starmer's Barber 4 дня назад
Excellent listening...and great discussion team. Cheers.
Rain Dog
Rain Dog 4 дня назад
"The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly"-Robert Anton Wilson
Sister Rose
Sister Rose 4 дня назад
Well said that lady.
Gus Price
Gus Price 4 дня назад
Yesssssss never have we ever sacrificed the young for the old