Need for Speed With RAY TRACING???
Fast & Furious Tik Tok is CRINGE!
FLYING CAR in Need for Speed HEAT???
WE React to DUMB People in CARS!
15 дней назад
Car Tik Tok is Cringe
22 дня назад
Kapeć Rajtuz
Kapeć Rajtuz 15 часов назад
Nfs yeeeee
Ryan Parkin
Ryan Parkin 15 часов назад
Vin petrol
Baja95 15 часов назад
Nfs heat roads be like
Kshama Kar Naik
Kshama Kar Naik 16 часов назад
Theo: This Evo is a very grippy car! Me: *turns it into a drift car*
Aaron Benedetti
Aaron Benedetti 16 часов назад
Payback was an underrated game. Voice acting was excellent, variety of different types of events and every single event had dialogue that contributed to the story in some way. It just had a shitty performance upgrade system.
Brennan Frakes
Brennan Frakes 16 часов назад
Why do you think it’s stupid that a helmet is the only required gear yeah it’s dumb not to wear any other gear but that’s the persons choice it’s not going to hurt no one else if someone isn’t wearing gear on a bike
Peter Ezio
Peter Ezio 16 часов назад
City road ray tracing looks insane but ray tracing on desert roads looks dumb
dhaval utekar
dhaval utekar 16 часов назад
It's a bug that's trying to be a peacock 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
phantomtastik 16 часов назад
Can you build a Volvo in nfs heat?
Movie man mark gaming
Movie man mark gaming 16 часов назад
Hi sup blackpanthaa
Macario Olea
Macario Olea 16 часов назад
Underground 1 roads 🤣
Portanova Gabriele Giulio
Portanova Gabriele Giulio 16 часов назад
AlphaValiant 17 часов назад
9:06 I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂
WillR 17 часов назад
There’s an SN95 mustang coming to the game next week
Blaster Anonymous
Blaster Anonymous 17 часов назад
The road is reflecting , it's like the road is wet
Finlay Merrill
Finlay Merrill 17 часов назад
Why do I like it more without the ray tracing
TheRandomGuy 17 часов назад
My god, that looks awful mate. Turn on adaptive sharpen and use curves or levels or something, and for the love of God turn off the bloody SSR looks like a bloody mirror. Also, it looks like the in-game vsync is causing some stutter, I suggest turning that off and using adaptive sync in nvidia control panel and locking the fps to 16.66ms in RTSS(Riva Tuner Statistics Server) you will have very little input lag without tearing and no stuttering. In-game vsyncs are poo-poo.
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 17 часов назад
They drift like that again I'm wedging the big wangs up a human rear end nit a car's
Flæske Jens
Flæske Jens 18 часов назад
Wider back fenders
JDM RIDER 234 18 часов назад
Beamng drive play again
Diamond Wolf
Diamond Wolf 18 часов назад
Bre the new supras are trash tho 😐
Shouvik Mitra m3
Shouvik Mitra m3 18 часов назад
Driving in india is more dangerous
La X Dray
La X Dray 18 часов назад
i dont know if u knew this but theres a new hair styel in this update that actully kinda look like your real life hair so you should try it out
nikkereal 19 часов назад
Go and watch all jb movie
Ohangeldxd 19 часов назад
this also works with need for speed heat, I've done it so many times
Elm 19 часов назад
He is becoming the next Magnus Walker
Umer Best
Umer Best 19 часов назад
Need for speed painback 😂😂
AMADER SHONGSHAR 19 часов назад
When goosiest sees this "damn look at them graphicks".
Aiman Hakimi
Aiman Hakimi 19 часов назад
Extreme ricing detected
Xtreme Gamer
Xtreme Gamer 19 часов назад
Actually this map is based on rockport
• Shine{Bright}Robert •
• Shine{Bright}Robert • 20 часов назад
Bro if you think this is a joke just play in a console like a O.G
Kshama Kar Naik
Kshama Kar Naik 20 часов назад
The Major components of NFS franchise is- Crazy customization. Aspects of the cars. Free roam. These components should be included in the 2022 need for speed.
xXultimate309 20 часов назад
9:00 When u wanted a 7 seat car like the old days
SHXDOW6447 20 часов назад
Wet roads look better in payback since we don't get to see them (Pls heart this comment blackpanthaa it's my dream to get my comment hearted by you)
T3D7O 21 час назад
6:34 you should be Lina Navaro
T3D7O 21 час назад
6:22 best Vin Diesel cloner
T3D7O 21 час назад
When you are the Vin Diesel from wish 3:13
T3D7O 21 час назад
3:13 hooray for Vin Diesel
Vinny da gamer
Vinny da gamer 21 час назад
Could u PayPal me 800$ for my gpu lol
NoDieNoSwore 21 час назад
All they basically did was turn up the contrast….by alott
Maxx 21 час назад
looks like most wanted 2012 remastered lmao
Esko1 21 час назад
1:06 only OG’s know where that car from
J Findley
J Findley 21 час назад
Dale Earnhardt's Chevrolet Lumina #3
Dale Earnhardt's Chevrolet Lumina #3 21 час назад
Now it looks like clay
sad boy:(
sad boy:( 22 часа назад
Hi im from🇮🇩
Charles Box
Charles Box 22 часа назад
Man that car looks great
Nicholas Reddy
Nicholas Reddy 22 часа назад
Stupid video and you didn’t even show the parts....
Muhammad Allam
Muhammad Allam 22 часа назад
i love your rx7
Bocing Bt9
Bocing Bt9 22 часа назад
we really dont understand what's your style, very terrible style
Dark Viper
Dark Viper 23 часа назад
That is "SSR" Screen Space Reflections adjusted to every surface they wanted it to be applied to and maxed it out.
忌まわしきジンテイ 23 часа назад
The green thing on the speedometer is just a speedometer, the guy might have wrote the numbers above a green coloured paper or tissue and stick it on the dash
Rebbecca Desessa
Rebbecca Desessa 23 часа назад
If u can tell me without using Google I'll respect you
Rebbecca Desessa
Rebbecca Desessa 23 часа назад
Prove u know something, what makes the flame
Maxy and Sandra long Maxy toy channel
Maxy and Sandra long Maxy toy channel 23 часа назад
Off- road drifting turn right to go left.
Israel Sanchez
Israel Sanchez 23 часа назад
Anyone has nfs heat so they can add me on a level 50 crew my crew doesn’t get on I’m the only one grinding lol
TheLazyDuck 23 часа назад
Really not a fan of this clickbait. The mod has nothing to do with actual ray tracing and it looks like sheit
Andre Burgess
Andre Burgess День назад
Its bass of the Tokyo drift Mustang, they're not going to give you the blower
DeyBands ひ
DeyBands ひ День назад
to be fair, i have 2 sets of each car lmao. a clean version and one where i just let my mind go crazy😂😂
Andre Burgess
Andre Burgess День назад
"Need some musculy power" I know you meant some " FAMILY power"
David Houk
David Houk День назад
Will the ps5 version be a free upgrade?
忌まわしきジンテイ День назад
I've seen that bit of the Koenigsegg CCX crashing, it's kinda gruesome. If you want to watch it, go find it urself, gl. Well he's right about the driver, it's definitely 100% a begineer, and shows up in a car meet, ended up crashing to people.
Matthew Burks
Matthew Burks День назад
They probably changed up Dom's car because I think that would be the last strike LMAO it looks so close to the car upgrades I just mean like if they went full-blown fast and the furious with that car I think they'd get sued I just think they did such a good job with this car
Matthew Burks
Matthew Burks День назад
Sadly I don't have that much money on Grand Theft Auto but I managed to get enough for this car and I'm glad I did I love the customisation and it how close it looks to the actual car compared to the rest of them I love the super but something about it kind of turns me off I don't know but this one looks super close to its original I love it and how come it won't let me open my hood? LMAO
Aventador122 День назад
Oh lovely, not even a minute in and the family memes have already started.
LEAFORD День назад
Bro calico goes 180mph+ on an accurate speedo hud, even faster if u glitch it
Angel Mendez
Angel Mendez День назад
The rampant macaroni neatly suppose because bone premenstrually shiver qua a boundless helium. wide-eyed, invincible era
Brotherbeam День назад
I'll never understand graphics/visual mod excessivism.
Wirayudatwo День назад
Victor The Higgs Boson
Victor The Higgs Boson День назад
This isn't true raytracing ass the wet road reflection is screen space as to the light source idk.
UwU *Waddles away*
UwU *Waddles away* День назад
There’s a chance that when you deliver a car from your auto shop, you will get BlackPanthaa as the customer
Mab Bagwell
Mab Bagwell День назад
You should definitely do a video on the eb110, theo. I hear it has some insane customization
Xternal.Kelvin День назад
Wish I had a pc to do that :(
banaman_04 День назад
This is the only car Theo has made from this dlc that isn’t hideous😂
Louis Hall
Louis Hall День назад
Roof rack is dead
_.cl0udn1se ,
_.cl0udn1se , День назад
I hate you so much for how you customized the cars🤣
KING ELIAS День назад
The wet roads just made the floor look like a mirror v:
Reaver День назад
Theo u can set a hotkey to turn off the reshade effects under the "settings" tab
andrew День назад
Fact fact from shell you can read in there website... 60% of the price you pay at the pump is just tax. Fuel is's the tax that's what makes it expensive. Blame your government.