Phongy Sim
Phongy Sim 15 часов назад
China should stop trading with american!
JitzyJT 15 часов назад
The irony that the Chinese folks have to use VPN to access you tube and comment here......
Kultar Singh
Kultar Singh 15 часов назад
Go back from tibet all tibet is indian part artificial eveything like chinese toy 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Zuhaib Gul
Zuhaib Gul 15 часов назад
The natural process of freedom is in favor of China. The US is just frustrated and lost.
gb997 15 часов назад
this fake fighting between Democrats and Republicans is such a waste of time.
George The Jungle
George The Jungle 15 часов назад
Every Olympic champion has a story behind it and her story is made of sweat and tears. It was an inspiring performance. Now she will add Olympic champion to her resume, congratulation!
Lettuce Salad
Lettuce Salad 15 часов назад
Did you see last year - when a girl in China fell in a steam? All 200 Chinese people standing by the stream - kindly allowed the old British guy to jump in and save her. They didn't even rush that old guy at all.
Three Plus
Three Plus 15 часов назад
Free Julian Assange now. Lock up the real criminals
HISTORYKYLE 15 часов назад
Sobrang nakakahiya talaga.
Gaurav Tejpal
Gaurav Tejpal 15 часов назад
US government is the real Insane Clown Posse 🤡
S.Adithya Kumar
S.Adithya Kumar 15 часов назад
That boy will be shattered by thinking his parents lol,rip,,😂😂🤣🤣
Charles Chun
Charles Chun 15 часов назад
Beautiful sight, says Nancy pelosi.
Lettuce Salad
Lettuce Salad 15 часов назад
CCP health officials: wear masks - but don't look for soap or toilet paper in the bathrooms, just wipe on your pants or the walls.
Max DC
Max DC 15 часов назад
It seems Americans need to wear bulletproof vest if they want to set foot outside their house.
James Johnson
James Johnson 15 часов назад
Congratulations to China for winning 28 Gold medals
Charles Chun
Charles Chun 15 часов назад
Unacceptable? Rubbish, it's part of everyday scene and it's an accepted American way of life.
Lettuce Salad
Lettuce Salad 16 часов назад
Did the CCP admit human to human transmission yet? Are they still blaming frozen food packing?
Uncoverhiddentruth 16 часов назад
China’s scientists, engineers and all level of people, now should have greater impetus and drive to excel and aim for much great achievements
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki 16 часов назад
go china.
The Last Sultan
The Last Sultan 16 часов назад
USA is pretending to be a 1st world country but it's 4th world much murder homelessness drugs insurance frauds financial frauds and their school r lower quality compared to Asian Asia rises 1 by 1...America will be left behind
Greeng Rowthcam
Greeng Rowthcam 16 часов назад
excellent commentary and may need other suggestions to have other investigations in any other sources!!!!
h02 16 часов назад
China should ban Boeing and Apple from selling in China.
0pTicaL 16 часов назад
Personally I believe there should be more sports in the Olympics, like snooker and bowling.
Ambo 16 часов назад
America will fiercely defend its gun rights but turn a blind eye to actual problems faced by its citizens.
Darwin grg
Darwin grg 16 часов назад
Throngmusu Sangtam
Throngmusu Sangtam 16 часов назад
She might be epilepsy patient.Smart mother 👍.
Gunni1972 16 часов назад
How much is the USA worth, and why not buy it with its own currency?
sukit A
sukit A 16 часов назад
From Thailand, I look at the face of these young generations of China showing their unity and harmony, also the proud of nation...Why in my country now looks opposite.! Congratulations.!
Michael Tse
Michael Tse 16 часов назад
If you can't beat them ban them - lol
Kartik Nagayach
Kartik Nagayach 16 часов назад
How many more movies you will release?
Hing Wei Ching
Hing Wei Ching 16 часов назад
Stop buying all American products ......... Finish 😤
Beware of the Leaven of the USA
Beware of the Leaven of the USA 16 часов назад
Where else in the world can humans and wildlife enjoy such freedom?
Hing Wei Ching
Hing Wei Ching 16 часов назад
That's why why China accepted US visited China recently.... Stupid...... The President old man became more and more devil ....As sanctions own American company .....! His so sick....... Please pray for his health hahaha 😂😂😂😂
Edward Miessner
Edward Miessner 16 часов назад
Wow these cops were totally wild. And the driver got tased while they were preparing to cuff him in addition to breaking his window, tasing him within, dragging him out of the car on the ground, and surrounding him to pig pile him. Wow. 😳 👏👏👏 Good job, People's Republic! 💐👍
Ozsharpener 16 часов назад
What's the point? Forcing Chinese companies to only IPO in HK for international investors? Isn't it just what Chinese Government wants?
Edward Daniels The Artisan
Edward Daniels The Artisan 16 часов назад
Great job keep it up everyone should cut off China and Russia they're going down. I no longer purchase Chinese products anymore.
Sleefy Lim
Sleefy Lim 15 часов назад
And actually china and Russia are going up USA are going all the wayyyyyy downnnn.
Sleefy Lim
Sleefy Lim 15 часов назад
Your whole shit is made by china what u talking about 🤦‍♂️
Nandini Dash
Nandini Dash 16 часов назад
66-year-old Australian equestrian Mary Hanna participated and won in this Tokyo 2020-21 Olympic game. CGTN is singing the discriminatory, age, skin color, nationality song while Chinese political leaders doing lip service of multilateralism. If sports events that need physical fitness not age can be considered in the world's biggest international sports event Olympics, CGTN is glued to young age and color, etc, which is well known as the JERK SPRING HOOKER trick.
Jo Cheah
Jo Cheah 16 часов назад
China should just kick GM and Ford out of China domestic market. Let the American capitalist work issues with the corrupted government.
otabl ott
otabl ott 16 часов назад
Why can't America just invade China and stop this whole thing now? China has WMD's so they can use that as the excuse to invade and install a democracy and get rid of all these companies, no?
vitry chang
vitry chang 16 часов назад
he is so humble and lovable.
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith 16 часов назад
Friendly Chinese gave the world COVID!
FUTURE Oko 15 часов назад
@Lau Billy Fake CCP agent..
Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith 15 часов назад
@Lau Billy 先生你叫谁印度人啊?
Lau Billy
Lau Billy 16 часов назад
Fake account by indian troll!
Vicky 16 часов назад
Bocilnya gada kerjaan
KISSONLY 16 часов назад
Good, Wallstreet then cannot more earn profit from China.
Robert Richard
Robert Richard 16 часов назад
Colon Blow Powell knew better than this. Gov. W Bush had some bad meth.
Emmanuella Moses
Emmanuella Moses 16 часов назад
May God bless you kids ,How lovely you are .💖💖💖👍
begotten59 16 часов назад
US war freak, White supremacists, I suggest leaving the US and focused on Asian, Middle East, some EU markets.
Max DC
Max DC 16 часов назад
Regardless of the party in power, US policies would continue due to the fact that both political parties worked for the interest of the capitalist elites, the top 5%, in the US.
帅 季
帅 季 16 часов назад
Dragon-Phoenix 16 часов назад
Banning US investment in CN companies is good thing for long time! It will only lead 100% avoiding of US effects in those companies thus giving advantage to the CN companies for a long run!
Гаврил Ц.
Гаврил Ц. 16 часов назад
They threatened with liquidation if he is does not vaccinated publicly. Of course, the contents of his bottle is saline.
Andy Himawan
Andy Himawan 16 часов назад
Please watch this Video, link attached below. It gives information and insight on the possible origin of SARS Cov2 virus.
Bronson Alex
Bronson Alex 16 часов назад
Bans and sanctions will never work against Chinese. More pressures only make them stronger and smarter. Chinese is so resilient. This is the difference between China and other nations.
Roy Hsieh
Roy Hsieh 16 часов назад
pelosi likes it so much. she gets her own reservation!
vali audet
vali audet 16 часов назад
Big thank you to all humans in their path
You Me
You Me 16 часов назад
"China urges..." 🤣🤣🤣 US is a wildlife animal, it's not gonna happen!!
JdjssD.N. Jsjssjs
JdjssD.N. Jsjssjs 16 часов назад
Well it is your money and if they ban them, then go elsewhere. Even US companies are not willing to invest in their country. Be assertive, don't be too polite too countries which treat you like they are superior.
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki 16 часов назад
if only i can stockpile goods before a natural disaster and sell them for inflated price before each disaster whether flood fire earthquake or typhoon. or volcanic eruption. always look for profit.
yu 16 часов назад
The US is playing its fast and aggressive American Checkers to win instantly. While China is playing its time-tested WeiQi game in reply
Lai Chee Wai
Lai Chee Wai 16 часов назад
Political manipulation tactics. Suppression on the pretext. Loser's methods. All these yrs US has been losing, that's why they have been printing greenbacks to make up the losses.
中華傲訣 16 часов назад
Though US policy are badly and ugily executed , don't underestimate them. This country has tremendous good luck despite doing a lot of bad things . Read their history.
Kanga Roo
Kanga Roo 16 часов назад
Xi is the greatest leader of all time!!! Ok, can anyone tell me where to get my 50¢??
RA LC18TM 16 часов назад
Abuse of business trade. File charges against u.s.a. regime in WTO.
Hans Kostka
Hans Kostka 16 часов назад
Biden is as stupid as Trump - on top of it he is catholic - the most hypocritical organization ... US is going down the drain
FreedomRespectJoy 16 часов назад
🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘Conducting blessings to uplift this planet earth vibration 🤣🎶💞 If you want to be safe during this 🌏shift, stay close to the wild animals. I 💖🐘
River Choctaw
River Choctaw 16 часов назад
Yeah and they accused President Trump of being low life. There’s no body worse then this current President.. he’s a disgrace to this nation and its citizens.. why don’t China bust out this President and his party who acted alone in this global pandemic.. it’s what their afraid of..
oui oui
oui oui 16 часов назад
Then sanction boing there have ties with the USA military war criminals. Buy airbus
manu Honkanen
manu Honkanen 16 часов назад
This kind of propaganda the inferior USA is not capable to produce!
Holden McGroin
Holden McGroin 16 часов назад
J P 16 часов назад
America is the losers lmao 😆
catonpillow 16 часов назад
Just another day in the office for the US. By the looks of it, they were never able to escape from their wild wild west mentality. Nor they have solved their gun problem. 'It has to stop' and 'Let's pray' is the best they can get from their authorities.
Hadi Lee
Hadi Lee 16 часов назад
Supposedly banning those 51 companies is to suppress China and help US. The same notion when US declaring trade war against China. It simply doesn't work, not then, not now.