Mila 14 часов назад
He's a remarkable actor honestly! His facial expressions to the way he moves and everything that he does in this characters is just incredible. I appreciate smart actors who can bring such unique characters to life. I mean look at the way he talks in this interview it's like you are looking at a different person.
maria mayla oronan
maria mayla oronan 14 часов назад
Yaman saying he Love Seher undirectly,But Seher understand it very well..😃😃😃😍
Xalis Dadasov
Xalis Dadasov 14 часов назад
Seher artk alamsn ya insan butun gunu alyarakmi kecrir bu ne ya🙂🙂🙂
sehyamschemistry 14 часов назад
Silvia Taras
Silvia Taras 14 часов назад
E bello questo Actore e tropo serio.
Rita Micallef
Rita Micallef 14 часов назад
Yaman From hate to love for seher
Yagmur Kuzu
Yagmur Kuzu 14 часов назад
Ne kader tatli bu yusuf ya Masallah
Fabiola Kishore
Fabiola Kishore 14 часов назад
I doubt if the main role is lead by yaman or yusuff, he seems to be surprising knowledge...😂
Michelle Ooi
Michelle Ooi 14 часов назад
Ali aunty Sultan gave a very good piece of advise and its applicable to all of us too - Life is short - WE are here today and might not tomorrow .... My classmate father just fell at home over the weekend and died on the spot. Very sad for all the people around him as its so unexpected like in this drama where at the happiest moment between Ali and Kiraz and she is shot dead ...
Baby Silva
Baby Silva 15 часов назад
Queria assistir legendado em português
Laura Julia
Laura Julia 15 часов назад
Lindo esse casal perfeito 👏❤️ yaman e sehren ❤️
Rosangela Frata
Rosangela Frata 15 часов назад
Ai ,que dor da perda .😭😭😭 Eu choro de verdade ,parece real. Esses artista são muito talentosos, amei a todos só por conhecerem nas séries. Amooo a todos com meu pequenino coração. Estou passando por momentos difíceis, e por muitos sentimentos e essas serie me deixa um pouco fora é o que está me ajudando. Beijos a todos. Um lindo dua abençoado e cheio da presença de Deus.
Memmedov Bexti
Memmedov Bexti 15 часов назад
queen 15 часов назад
Türkçe yorum arayan bir aded bne 🥺
Pervane Əbdülov
Pervane Əbdülov 15 часов назад
Cadl iqbal ac tavuk ruyaslnda darl gorer🇦🇿🇹🇷
Lidia Hodor
Lidia Hodor 15 часов назад
Dommage que c'est pas traduit en francais
Delil Useinoski
Delil Useinoski 15 часов назад
O seher why don't you for giving change for yaman .l now is hard to believe for him but seem he dont want hug you that you are streeting too much and cry for kirza and that he hear you too much .he not think about for fill for love or hug you just looking in your eyes that not make sentences. Yaman have to hug seher for fill sad for kirza but he is not thing nothing .is seem so funny why .everyone keep say to seher you have to fill love and have good lif for yaman. But yaman have have to fill seher too.not just looking and take stame question. Seher and have to have fill both your heart that love eachother be eachother always.not matter what happens in your furniture.
Michelle Ooi
Michelle Ooi 15 часов назад
This is a good episode 162 which finally Yaman apologies to Seher and listen to her ... Liked the part where he sat down with her at the staircase and they talked openly. and he said he'll wait for her to trust him again ... cool - NICE AND TQ Mr Writer ... finally hearing us International Fans frustrations to make Seher suffer and be so pitiful
sutha karuppiah
sutha karuppiah 15 часов назад
This boy damn cute🥰
Aysel Huseyinli
Aysel Huseyinli 15 часов назад
Sujet xetti bu qeder zeif olan bir diziye ancag Yaman ve Seherin baxislari ucun baxiram🤦‍♀️.Niye bu qeder ahu zar var?Eyer kimse emanetini itirirse niye dizinin adi Emanetdir?Zuhal pratez yuyur pedikur edir baxiriq.Ali ile Kirazin o cur sehneleri getdi. Boranin iyrencliklerini ne qeder izleyeceyik.Niye bu gune qoyurlar dizini.Seher aglamagdan kurs kecr sanki.Bu qedermi ideasi bitib yonetmenin?Bir zamanlar Kibrisa aglamag daha heqiqidir neinki bu burdaki aglasmalara.Selimi niye bu veziyyete dusdurduler?Dizide gozleri ile rol yasadan aktyor aktrisalar qalib kenarda Neslihan kimi suni aktrisa cekilib öne🤦‍♀️
Nail Qurbanov
Nail Qurbanov 15 часов назад
Ne veriler onuda geyinir
Jesus é o caminho!!! Gonçalves
Jesus é o caminho!!! Gonçalves 15 часов назад
Que cena maravilhosa!!!💙🇧🇷💙
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 15 часов назад
Yaman’s face at the end screaming I LOVE U❤️
Надя Дичева
Надя Дичева 15 часов назад
Време е това красиво и добро момиче Сехер да бъде щастливо, както е време този заблуден Яман да си отвори очите и види реалността около себе си. Време е зверствата да изчезнат и на тяхно място да дойдат любовта и доверието между Яман и Сехер, нещо което зрителите чакат вече 163 епизода, прекалено дълго за гледане на зверства, но не и романтика.
aquarius- 7826
aquarius- 7826 15 часов назад
""If that monster will find out "".. Seher is very worried about her love once, what strong Lion gonna do with them...
Fitore Gashi
Fitore Gashi 15 часов назад
@mihrile thank you my dear may allah keep you and your loved ones ❤️😘
Nina Gošnić
Nina Gošnić 15 часов назад
Silvana Naurato
Silvana Naurato 15 часов назад
I want to adopt Yusuf ❤
Mittal Dund
Mittal Dund 15 часов назад
About what past she take about!....the way seher say that nothing will be same as past...I can't found any moment of them when they had good time spent together without hesitation or nervousness...they hold think which never existed...
Nəcibe Məmmədova
Nəcibe Məmmədova 15 часов назад
Yapımçı başa düşmədim Səhəri niyə bu qədər kötü reaksiya verir Yamanın yerinə məndə olsam eyni reaksiyanı verərdim hələ üzr dilədi çoox böyük bir şeydir senarist senariyonu duzəldə bilsən iyi edərsən yoxsa şimdidə Yamanımı öldürəcəksən
My Phone
My Phone 15 часов назад
Seher..please forgive two make me cry..
aquarius- 7826
aquarius- 7826 15 часов назад
Omg he start to attach her beauty his cold heart will gonna melt with her beauty and good soul.,, soon he will get jealous to all her men friends
Agnes Dorothy
Agnes Dorothy 15 часов назад
He said he never trusted any women, so how did he trust Iqbal & Zuhal 🐍🐍
aquarius- 7826
aquarius- 7826 15 часов назад
What a Brave lady, never scared to talk back to the cold stone strong Lion 😆😆
Nidhi Saini
Nidhi Saini 15 часов назад
Currently it's too boring🙄 May be interesting after Ikbal kidnapping😉
Agnes Dorothy
Agnes Dorothy 15 часов назад
My heart broke when Seher explained to Yaman why she is scared to be hurt again by yaman and sad for yaman. I think Yaman confessing his live to seher will improve their reconciliation. Just being hopeful.
Aida Kalender
Aida Kalender 15 часов назад
Yaman Seher ❤❤ ❤yusuf
Krinio Tsoutsia
Krinio Tsoutsia 16 часов назад
Seher please forgive yaman because life is too Short All your fans live your story as something real you are very good actors all of you in this serial
Sehet Şahgelidiyev
Sehet Şahgelidiyev 16 часов назад
Cox gozel
Michelle Ooi
Michelle Ooi 16 часов назад
OMG - Now its not Seher who cries but I am crying a bucket at POOR ALI holding the knitting and the note from Kiraz ... he is so sad - the poor guy ... Really pity him to not be able to enjoy the love from Kiraz
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 16 часов назад
I believe he will fight for her and he will not give her up. There is no one else for him. He needs to apologize and just be honest about how he feels for her.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 16 часов назад
hora de enfrentarlo, con Selim será letal, veneno puro; ya quiero ver esa escena 👏.
Slađana Cvijanović
Slađana Cvijanović 16 часов назад
josephine manzano
josephine manzano 16 часов назад
This series is the best ... they act naturally.... best actor and best actress, all the cast ..god bless....more episode to come...
Al naziabi
Al naziabi 16 часов назад
Yusuf not only knows about Ali 's love but about your love towards each other amça teyze..That's why he tries to keep you closer..
Sveta Manashirov
Sveta Manashirov 16 часов назад
Kaw kiraz olmeyeydi .seryalin maraqli oyuncusu seherle kiraz idi .seriyalin maragi ta yoxdu.
Barbro Åhman
Barbro Åhman 16 часов назад
I can choose language now...thank you I have been waiting for this all are fantastic...
Lucy david
Lucy david 16 часов назад
I am pretty sure they will kidnap Seher instead of Iqbal by mistake
sehyamschemistry 16 часов назад
Seher what did you just did he is broken like a Mirror glass😭💔💔
Aida Kalender
Aida Kalender 16 часов назад
sehyamschemistry 16 часов назад
josephine manzano
josephine manzano 16 часов назад
Episode 112 is the best of me and to all the viewers ... feel in love guys 😍😍😍😍😍
Manju Nath
Manju Nath 16 часов назад
If seher can't forgive yaman and the situation will not be as before, then my suggestion to yaman is that let her go.. free her from her misery by getting the hell out of her life .
Sara Khoshabeh
Sara Khoshabeh 16 часов назад
Thank you so much for your beautiful work. God bless you dear Mihrilee 🙏❤😗
Zainab Rezaei
Zainab Rezaei 16 часов назад
Feride Gurbanova
Feride Gurbanova 16 часов назад
Kiraz neden oldu çok uzulduk ali ve kiraz icin izliyordum emaneti cok kotu oldu kirazin olmesi ali komser yeter ağlama sende cok icten agliyorsun dayanamayib bende agliyorum
Gulşen Ergın
Gulşen Ergın 16 часов назад
Neoldu. Yamnçım gözlerini. Seher den ayıramadın saçlarına bakıyorsun aklından neler geçiyor. Seheri her adamaşkdolu bakar ve nasıl davranaçanı bilir sende sadeç arkasından öyle bakarsın
Peeti Marsh
Peeti Marsh 16 часов назад
Hala u come gud long as begum doesnt come back. Hope Ali gets a new lady soon and a gud one. And i also hope ikbal goes to jail soon.
Talaloa Kaisa
Talaloa Kaisa 16 часов назад
🤦🏽‍♀️ gosh she’s a handful isn’t she 😏 now She got Seher all nervous 😟
natasha henry
natasha henry 16 часов назад
Seems like he will turn in to yaman
Gulşen Ergın
Gulşen Ergın 16 часов назад
Yamancım aşık oldunu söylesen herşey daha kolay olacak amasen odun gibi dur neitiyörsun. Seherin itaf edeçek değilde yerim seni. Yusufum çok mutluol oksüzüm benim
Encarna Hoyos Cotoli
Encarna Hoyos Cotoli 16 часов назад
Que bonito por Dios son tan buenos actores me encantan
Пири Киримова
Пири Киримова 16 часов назад
Али молодец сильно сыграль свою боль успехов ему в актерской среде
Shelma Dammang
Shelma Dammang 16 часов назад
How i love this movie....
Жейхун Янгибаев
Жейхун Янгибаев 16 часов назад
Filmin en güzel gyzy kirazdy ama ne oldu oda gitdi
natasha henry
natasha henry 16 часов назад
So sad I miss kira alli going to be so sad
Cris Dullas
Cris Dullas 16 часов назад
I think seher forgive him because love each other time to happiness pls seher forgive yaman start a new love trust thats it many fans are waiting it time love love love i think seher is forgive and trust to yaman because saying of aunt sultan love love love
Aida Kalender
Aida Kalender 16 часов назад
❤❤ Alles Gute
Fatima Abbasova
Fatima Abbasova 16 часов назад
Lazım idi Kirazı öldürdü ssenarist çok kötü oldum ağlayıram durmadan
Biljana Tasic
Biljana Tasic 16 часов назад
Dajte više ko je producent serije neka ne odugovlači postaje dosadno i sve se vrti u krug. Dajte nešto lepo da se desi za gledaoce. 👍
M Lépi
M Lépi 16 часов назад
Please touch her, hug her . Kiss her !!! 😩😩😩😍
Salvacion Pacheco
Salvacion Pacheco 17 часов назад
I like the movie yaman and Seher i love you..
Shehla Memmedova
Shehla Memmedova 17 часов назад
Bu necə bir senari idi Yaman Sehere Ali Kiraza açıla bilmirlər
Hunain Farooq
Hunain Farooq 17 часов назад
So sweettt 😅😅😍😍😍
Purple Kitchen
Purple Kitchen 17 часов назад
هذا المسلسل أصبح عندي إدمان مسلسل جميل
ribom sora
ribom sora 17 часов назад
Love you both🥰🥰
Queen Zazy
Queen Zazy 17 часов назад
English subtitles pls
Egi Novita
Egi Novita 17 часов назад
Andaikan ada arti dengan bahasa Indonesia nya,saya akan lebih mudah memahami ceritanya,
Sema Kakayewa
Sema Kakayewa 17 часов назад
nayin pesibde bu boraaa anlamadym hic
Evelyn Sudario
Evelyn Sudario 17 часов назад
Evet i forgive u Yaman bcoz ♥️♥️♥️✌️