The life of tomato~番茄………的一生?
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天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 劉曉波
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차오파이는 한국 전통음식이고 김치도 우리꺼고 한복도 우리꺼야
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only Korean angry with this video,its Chinese Paocai,no one said its kimchi.and in Sichuan province is one of the original towns of paocai,we have so many kind of paocai and we had eat this for thousands of years,Most of the ingredients of Korean kimchi are imported from China.for us、paocai is just a daily food,we don’t eat it every meal
이진 20 часов назад
시바 너이들 김치라고함 인성 柴纳们的泡菜 人性
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壮大ですね! そして食べるの早い!
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Liziqi is a legend and her grandma liziqi is a strong ass women who knows what she’s doing and I absolutely love her videos I shared her channel to my whole family and they love her. She is making more views then almost everybody am so proud of her🙏🥰
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Ziqi cantik banget
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김치는 중국 요리입니다. 물론 삼계탕도 중국 요리입니다. 남조선 인은 역사를 날조하지
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V f
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Really Nice Video ! ❤️
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Nếu 1 ngày nào có cơ hội gặp chị. Em sẽ nói với chị rằng chị là người con gái đẹp nhất thế gian này. Em là phụ nữ. Em rất ngưỡng mộ và yêu chị. Chúc chị tất cả đẹp nhất thế đời
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New videos
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she is from Sichuan province!my hometown!
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Nature sounds makes me relaxed
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이게 무슨 김치야. 그냥 다 니내꺼 해라
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I never realized this before but her furnace is shaped like a dog! Haha too cute!!
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China is still a developing country, while South Korea is already a developed country. This fact should make these fragile Korean feel more comfortable. However, some historical facts are still facts that everybody should face directly. These include but not limit to: *.Traditionally, Chinese culture has had a great impact in many areas of Korean culture, including arts, written language, religion, and government administration, with Koreans molding these Chinese models into distinctly Korean forms. (Wikipedia "culture of Korea"). *.Korean traditional dresses are almost same as Chinese Ming Dynasty dresses. *.Korean traditional buildings are very similar to Chinese traditional buildings. Korean temple style was from Chinese Tang Dynasty. *.The Gangneung Danoje Festival Korea applied to UNESCO in 2005 is acutally an traditional Chinese festival called Duanwu. There are so many similar cultures between the 2 countries. Can you really seperate one from the other? It reminds me one incident that in a podium 2007 Winter Asian Games, South Korean women team the silver medal winner, suddenly flashed a sign in Korean saying, "Baekdusan is our territory." Even though this Baekdusan (Chinese name Changbaishan) is considered the birthplace of Korean people, it is actually locating at the border of China and North Korea, about half in China and half in North Korea. Before 1962, it's all in China's territory. The fact is the territory of this mountain, no matter it's called Changbaishan or Baekdusan, has nothing to do with South Korea, but some Korean people would still "claim" it. You can't change the history, so don't be so fragile. To me, Kimchi and Paocai are totally different. Kimchi is Korean food is a fact of the world that no one can change. Personally I like Kimchi more than Pocai.
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Funny Gaming 21 час назад
You're amazing and you're also very creative and my mom is also fan of you're creativity and love you
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sofia David 21 час назад
This lady is amazing living her life the traditional way and letting us have a look into this lifestyle before everything became mechanized.
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you are so cute
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She doesnt need a man , man needs her
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not me casually balancing to walk on a branch several feet off the ground
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Beautiful😍 Hi! im from the philippines i love your videos so much💖 keep it up!
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Why the fuck is your bull tied up by the nose. Oh my god ... you’re disgusting
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There is no way she is not a princess
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명성황후=NO.1위안부,제주 4·3학살 만세,광주5·18학살 만세,주 한 미 군 이 한국 여 자 를 강간 했다. 한국 정 부 는 잡 을 권리 가 없다. 한국 은 미국의 노예 이다
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명성황후=NO.1위안부,제주 4·3학살 만세,광주5·18학살 만세,주 한 미 군 이 한국 여 자 를 강간 했다. 한국 정 부 는 잡 을 권리 가 없다. 한국 은 미국의 노예 이다
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명성황후=NO.1위안부,제주 4·3학살 만세,광주5·18학살 만세,주 한 미 군 이 한국 여 자 를 강간 했다. 한국 정 부 는 잡 을 권리 가 없다. 한국 은 미국의 노예 이다
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명성황후=NO.1위안부,제주 4·3학살 만세,광주5·18학살 만세,주 한 미 군 이 한국 여 자 를 강간 했다. 한국 정 부 는 잡 을 권리 가 없다. 한국 은 미국의 노예 이다
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4:05 아니 뭐지 몰카인가 김치 왤케 하얘... 우리나라는 양념을 묻히는 걸로 부족해서 배추 속에 소도 꽉꽉 넣는다구요... 뭘 알고 만드시는 거예요? ᅲᅲ
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김치는 한국전통음식이다 중국은 다른나라문화를 훔치지말라 중국이 김치를 먹긴 뭘먹어ㅋ썩은두부나 처먹었겠지ㅋ
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Nozomi 2017이라는 우마오당이 활동중입니다. 이놈이 댓글을 남겨놓은 곳에 가서 참교육을 시작합시다 우마오당은 반드시 박멸시켜야 할 암과 같은 존재입니다. 암 치료를 망설이지 마세요!!!
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Cherry blossoms are the most beautiful trees I’ve ever seen. The atmosphere and aesthetics is so pretty. And just a couple of steps away they have a nice view of the trees and mountains.
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DGG ChanneL
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Samguk Sagi, a historical record of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, also mentions the pickle jar used to ferment vegetables, which indicates that fermented vegetables were commonly eaten during this time.[17][18] During the Silla dynasty (57 BC - AD 935), kimchi became prevalent as Buddhism caught on throughout the nation and fostered a vegetarian lifestyle.[19] The pickling of vegetables was an ideal method, prior to refrigerators, that helped to preserve the lifespan of foods. In Korea, kimchi was made during the winter by fermenting vegetables, and burying it in the ground in traditional brown ceramic pots called onggi. This labor further allowed a bonding among women within the family.[19] A poem on Korean radish written by Yi Gyubo, a 13th-century literatus, shows that radish kimchi was a commonplace in Goryeo (918-1392).[20][21][22] Pickled radish slices make a good summer side-dish, Radish preserved in salt is a winter side-dish from start to end. The roots in the earth grow plumper every day, Harvesting after the frost, a slice cut by a knife tastes like a pear. - Yi Gyubo, Donggukisanggukjip (translated by Michael J. Pettid, in Korean cuisine: An Illustrated History) Kimchi has been a staple in Korean culture, but historical versions were not a spicy dish.[23] Early records of kimchi do not mention garlic or chili pepper.[24] Chili peppers, now a standard ingredient in kimchi, had been unknown in Korea until the early seventeenth century due to its being a New World crop.[25] Chili peppers, originally native to the Americas, were introduced to East Asia by Portuguese traders.[24][26][27] The first mention of chili pepper is found in Jibong yuseol, an encyclopedia published in 1614.[17][28] Sallim gyeongje, a 17‒18th century book on farm management, wrote on kimchi with chili peppers.[17][29] However, it was not until the 19th century that the use of chili peppers in kimchi was widespread.[30] The recipes from early 19th century closely resemble today's kimchi.[31][32] A 1766 book, Jeungbo sallim gyeongje, reports kimchi varieties made with myriad ingredients, including chonggak-kimchi (kimchi made with chonggak radish), oi-sobagi (with cucumber), seokbak-ji (with jogi-jeot), and dongchimi.[17][33] However, napa cabbage was introduced to Korea only at the end of 19th century,[30] and whole-cabbage kimchi similar to its current form is described in Siuijeonseo, a cookbook published around that time.[34] Kimchi is a national dish of both North and South Korea. During South Korea's involvement in the Vietnam War its government requested American help to ensure that South Korean troops, reportedly "desperate" for the food, could obtain it in the field;[35] South Korean president Park Chung-hee told U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson that kimchi was "vitally important to the morale of Korean troops". It was also sent to space on board Soyuz TMA-12 with South-Korean astronaut Yi So-yeon after a multimillion-dollar research effort to kill the bacteria and lessen the odor without affecting taste.[35] On 22 November 2017 a Google Doodle was used to "Celebrate Kimchi".[36]
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She's a princess, such dedication to her surroundings
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Where are your dogs
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You butifull ❤️❤️❤️
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Everybody without jealousy miss liziqi is a super woman so give a like please BC she teach all new young generation so is every time give her a like thanks for all😘😘😇😁👏👏👍🇲🇺🇲🇺🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💞
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人生第一次看到磨豆子的樣子 好棒
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Why is Taehyung so Perfect
Why is Taehyung so Perfect 22 часа назад
I love everytime she needs something, her first thought was "I need a grater, Imma make a grater"
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Hiếu Nguyễn tv 22 часа назад
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Don't, Oops i did 22 часа назад
I think I'm finally finding the way to self-love...
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Minh Beat
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韩国和中国不应该进行这种小小的争论。 阻止日本污水排放迫在眉睫。 我们是朋友, 不是敌人 !
小池百合子 22 часа назад
何以 這土地 淚再流 何以 令眾人 亦憤恨 昂首 拒默沉 吶喊聲 響透 盼自由 歸於 這裡 何以 這恐懼 抹不走 何以 為信念 從沒退後 何解 血在流 但邁進聲 響透 建自由 光輝 香港 在 晚星 墜落 徬徨 午夜 迷霧裡 最遠處 吹來 號角聲 捍自由 來齊集這裡 來全力抗對 勇氣 智慧 也 永不滅 黎明來到 要光復 這香港 同行兒女 為正義 時代革命 祈求 民主 與自由 萬世都 不朽 我願 榮光 歸香港
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The baby animals are soo cute
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Chinese people invented Paocai (pickled Bok Coi, which Korean people call Kimchi), and Korean people just learned from us. We never complained about it. This is just a simple fact. However Korean people seem just to forget where Kimchi comes from. The same thing happened a lot to their culture. But actually, we don't care what they think.
朱Andy 23 часа назад
gorgeous!!!! love you so !
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