ItzCharles 23 часа назад
0:28 AD: Come to the Lakers man Russ: Ok then lolz 💜💛
Corey Green
Corey Green 23 часа назад
People hate but he is one of the only players in the league that plays defense and he’s the second best defending point guard 🤷🏽‍♂️
FloridaBoyNik 23 часа назад
Anyone here from tiktok?
Janet God
Janet God 23 часа назад
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Move Er
Move Er 23 часа назад
Bruce Jenner look-alike borrowing the same thing as a kite on the road right now I can do it on the road right now.
Piano Armond
Piano Armond 23 часа назад
Russell look over hyper 😂 He gonna bring ADHD and energy to the Lakers. Kuzma finna make the news and choose WORKPLACE VIOLENCE at Staple Center 😂😂😂
Alice Planque
Alice Planque 23 часа назад
Cute 🥺❤️
Marvo G
Marvo G 23 часа назад
Haven’t seen Klay in awhile hopefully come back 💯
ChungWei Wang
ChungWei Wang День назад
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Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark День назад
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Diverse Conscious
Diverse Conscious День назад
Giddy at six!! ??????????
Charles Thompson
Charles Thompson День назад
Dame and Russ to lakers lebron needs it
cory prange
cory prange День назад
Happy Lonzo isn't just laying down and giving his spot to lil bro. The work shows on his play for sure. Hope he continues to go hard
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez День назад
The game before this jordan beat the lakers by 1 and told kobe “you can put the shoes on but you will never fill them” kobe took it personally, didnt talk to his team at all for 2 weeks and then did this next time they met.
Ethan Ramsey
Ethan Ramsey День назад
imagine a full crowd.
Yahli Dan
Yahli Dan День назад
1:08 "hi mom and dad" best pre-game interview line I ever heard
vionemous День назад
He did that one spin A YEAR ago and now the entire comment section is "surprised he didn't spin"
Emmanuel Ewoigbokhan
Emmanuel Ewoigbokhan День назад
This was Shannon Sharpe: “a virtuoso” Just greatness. It like 3rd and 4th quarter he just said yea nobody on this court is on my level. Time to eat.. The 6 fadeaways he hit in the fourth were nothing short of spectacular
Kp S
Kp S День назад
He deserves it all
Jarome Ursua
Jarome Ursua День назад
if i am LA's gm... im gonna give this guy a chance to come off the bench
jordan Cagle
jordan Cagle День назад
This 2018 CAVS team had no business being in the finals! That’s how great lebron is
gary allen
gary allen День назад
Kenny is wrong!! Ha ha…The Jet can make that three. Man those Rockets were amazing with him. Akeem, Horry, Maxwell, Sam, and the rest! Exciting!!
tigersfan14 День назад
as i watch clips of chuck and shaq arguing im always drawn to this clip because you can see the love and friendship between the hosts. they're truly friends and the love between them is real.
RANDOM TV День назад
Make this video qhd
And they have his three point rating a 84 on 2k
Michael Land
Michael Land День назад
KD got screwed twice!!!!
Dyana Yaekel
Dyana Yaekel День назад
The spurious witch aboaly notice because lathe anteriorly hate per a befitting beef. unhealthy, real coast
Ian Goodridge
Ian Goodridge День назад
Please get this man Knicks he plays great in the garden🔥🔥🔥
Troy Aldrich
Troy Aldrich День назад
Come to the Heat KL...
Aziz Taylor
Aziz Taylor День назад
This game all but formally retired KG and Paul Pierce. Neither were ever the same after Lebron destroyed them both.
Oscar Mejia
Oscar Mejia День назад
I con't Wee wiz Khalifa 💟
kk День назад
He bout to go dmx
Dru Dawsyn
Dru Dawsyn День назад
Funny the lyrics say 1 shack(Shaq) lol
TDW Nash
TDW Nash День назад
Kobe’s a legend but this was just a run it up and keep feeding him thing, nothing special man especially against those bums out there!
Ian Goodridge
Ian Goodridge День назад
Please come to my Knicks!!!!!!🔥🔥
One Summer Left
One Summer Left День назад
Now we see the problem
MK7 Wars
MK7 Wars День назад
I like how in the thumbnail there are the top 4 greatest players of all time. And the 5th player on it is the greatest power forward of all time.
Bear Steier
Bear Steier День назад
Anyone see Gilbert’s tiktok story and they like shi I needa see these highlights
Chris Farley
Chris Farley День назад
Mobb Rome
Mobb Rome День назад
PROD. ADAN День назад
Fr bro lmfaoo
Casius Thomas
Casius Thomas День назад
Legendary 💯💯
Josedtx День назад
Wade has to be the luckiest NBA player ever. He played with Shaq and LeBron. And somehow people think he's the third best shooting guard ever the guy didn't even have a go-to move
Steve Schmidt
Steve Schmidt День назад
Bron forgot to color the beard
RANDOM TV День назад
I love and i missed kobe vs all nba stars❤
TheBestSundaySchool DropOut
TheBestSundaySchool DropOut День назад
Who’s here after Malik left the hornets? 😭
Terence Tottress
Terence Tottress День назад
Lol them niggas was so high I think they forgot they were celebrities 😂🤣😂🤣😂
ITL Lalo
ITL Lalo День назад
I’m commenting after watching the first two games and don’t understand why he doesn’t have finals mvp
A-story Loyalty & morals
A-story Loyalty & morals День назад
Derozan n Lowry I need teaming up together again my knicks is great fit right now
Bahee День назад
People sayin he don’t have that killer instinct? Look what he did 2018 carried possibly the worst cavs team to the finals and had 7 40 point games in the playoffs. This run is overlooked because he lost in the playoffs. Y’all say he doesn’t have the mentality but mans is the smartest to play the game his mentality is to pass first to the wide open man it doesn’t always work but that’s what he does.
Af Alam
Af Alam День назад
There will be no next year simple JA LUKA ZION ARE COMING
Jesus Omar Hernandez
Jesus Omar Hernandez День назад
Next Maverick 🤞🏽
jan janson
jan janson День назад
The direful jumper proximally zip because attempt enzymatically object amid a jolly clutch. flaky, whole girdle
Nelson Soto
Nelson Soto День назад
Is this a duel or Westbrook highlights ?
Alexander Gallant
Alexander Gallant День назад
Pay the Man
Anraj Grewal
Anraj Grewal День назад
Rockets gonna be leathal 💯
Ethan S. Chalifoux
Ethan S. Chalifoux День назад
*Skateboarder:* easy peasy lemon squeezy.
home9dog2blue День назад
shaq was right
tolamba LA
tolamba LA День назад
Those limbs
Sense The Villen
Sense The Villen День назад
16:29 😂😂
Osbaldo Varela
Osbaldo Varela День назад
Lonzo would of been a better fit for the Lakers instead of Brody, bit we'll see 💁
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks День назад
I remember I snapped on my own mom hearing this. I’m playing my game she calls me telling me the news of Kobe…I said “Mom stop lying! You lying!” I knew my mom wouldn’t lie about someone’s death, I just couldn’t accept what I was hearing I broke down though. I apologized to her too.
Gilbert Dominique Rivero
Gilbert Dominique Rivero День назад
Damn big 3 davis lebron westbook the chemistry tho🔥
CenZorFace День назад
I miss this kuz…
pratham somani
pratham somani День назад
Greatest rivalry is sports history is messi vs ronaldo
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang День назад
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reivax _10
reivax _10 День назад
this thumbnail has the colors of the suns new jerseys, it look like he goon to phoenix
The Stranger Things Fan
The Stranger Things Fan День назад
if they had kd they would win